Friday, May 18, 2007

creepy crawly critters

Okay, so today I had two dozen worms crawling all over me in the Jeep on my way home from work. Well okay, not really -- but it sure felt like it! Being the lovely wife that I am, I stopped off at The Fishin' Hole after my long day of work to pick up some fishing "goods" for Les' upcoming fishing trip this weekend with his dad. One of the items on the list was worms...ugh! How disgusting. "You mean I have to drive home with those things in the vehicle beside me?" was my horrified question to Les. The answer was "Yup -- don't worry An...they're well contained." This is the reason why I made the extra stop after work instead of going on my lunch break when I ran my other errands. Uh I was going to keep worms either at my desk or unsupervised in the Jeep all afternoon where they could somehow find a way to escape and then be crawling all over the vehicle. Not likely. Anyway, so I went after work and got all his stuff -- worms included -- and started driving home. I got a gross creepy crawly feeling anytime I thought of the two dozen worms sitting in the seat next to me. I have to say, I kept a pretty close eye on them. I made sure the bag they were in was sitting in just the right position so that I could look over every once in awhile to make good and sure that they were still where they were supposed to be. I know that was silly; they obviously weren' t going anywhere. But it still creeped me out a bit. And now they're in my refrigerator -- which creeps me out just as much!! Ah, the things we do for our hubbies. See picture below for proof of what I was transporting.

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