Friday, May 18, 2007

great food...even greater company

I'd like to expand a little on the highlight of my day. Did you all know that I have the absolute BEST neighbors in the world?? Our house and the two houses beside us on our right side have a lot of fun together (well, not the houses per say -- but the people in the houses). Take tonight for example. We all gathered at Chris & Tara's house for a pizza & wings party for supper first. After that we headed outside in the bitter cold & crazy wind for a marshmallow roast (okay -- who's crazy idea was THAT??). See pictures below for details.

Oh, but it didn't end there...after that we put the kiddo's to bed and returned back to Chris & Tara's for scrumptious nachos & pepsi -- cause you know, we hadn't quite eaten enough yet. The evening was full of a lot of talking and even more laughter. They are not only our neighbors but they have become our dear, dear friends. I would never have thought it possible to get along so well with neighbors. What we have is rare -- and because of that, Jeremy & Erin are never going to move!!! (right, guys?)

See? Doesn't this look like fun??

Here we all are -- well, most of us. I think Jeremy is dancing somewhere off to the side and I'm of course taking the picture. Little Aidan is sleeping and Malia is hidden somewhere beside Joelle. But other than that, this is all of us. Tara is the one in the grey sweater (who makes the amazing nachos we pigged out on) and Erin is the one with the ponytail (she pulls off a ponytail better than anyone else I know!). I have a feeling this will become a very common sight around here as the summer goes on...

Close-ups of the girls enjoying their marshmallows


ValleyGirl said...

I'll say the same thing I did to Erin: I'm so jealous that you guys all live so close together and have so much fun hanging out! That's so awesome that you've developed such a close friendship with your neighbours. "Neighbours by Chance, Friends by Choice" is pretty rare and special, I think. All we have for neighbours (within walking distance) are a creepy semi-retired couple who have a hot tub and a video camera in their living room and who keep inviting us over for a 'soak!!!!' Yeah, I don't THINK so!

Erin said...

Andrea, we are so appreciative of the love and friendship we have with you, Les and Chris and Tara. It's nights like last night that really solidify our decision not to move right now. It IS going to be a fun summer. I look forward to all the fires and good food!

And you're too funny talking about my ponytail : )