Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"it turned to an turned to an eight..."

Imagine those words spoken in an adorable sing-songy voice. That's the way I woke up this morning; the way I wake up many mornings these days. This is huge progress from not too long ago.

Joelle was starting to wake up very early in the morning (like we're talking 7:00am -- even in late winter when it was still pitch black outside at that time of the morning) and asking if it was "good morning time", to which I obviously replied "No, it is not -- you need to go back to bed." This always resulted in whining and arguing and it would get my day off to a very negative start. So, Les and I bought her a digital clock and told her that she needed to stay in her room until "the seven turned to an eight." Well, this at first did not solve our problems like we thought it would. She would still come into our room, this time asking "How many minutes until it turns to an eight?" This would again result in frustration on my part, since she was still waking up just as early and getting just as upset when I told her she needed to go back to bed.

Finally, after having several talks with her about how just because she is done sleeping, it didn't mean that everybody else is, it seems to have done the trick. Now I'll still occasionally hear her making noise in her room earlier than what I would like...but for the past several mornings she has indeed stayed in her room until "the seven turns to an eight." Then she comes into my room as proud as punch and sings this phrase while pointing at my clock to prove it..."it turned to an turned to an eight..." I give her a big hug and a kiss and tell her how proud I am of her for listening and we begin or day on a positive note instead of negative. What a difference that makes!

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Erin said...

yeah, we're still not there. The clock hasn't made a difference yet, but hopefully it will soon.