Monday, May 21, 2007

it's my day off!!

I have been blessed today with a wonderful gift -- a morning all to myself to do with whatever I wish. As I work part-time, I often get breaks from my kids -- but I never get a day without my kids and without having to go to work. Well, today this actually came true!!

Even though today is a holiday, Les still had to go to work (I guess pigs don't take holidays like the rest of us!!). And Les' parents wanted to take my girls to a "Spring at the Farm" thing in Steinbach and then out for lunch. So I gladly accepted their offer and at shortly before 10:00 this morning...I was on my own!!! I had already decided days ago that I was going to use this time to do whatever I wanted to do; not spending it doing housework or things I felt I had to do. This was a special treat for me and I was not going to feel guilty about how I spent my time.

Well...about 5 minutes after the girls left, I got a phone call from my neighbor Erin. She greeted me with "Community breakfast at our place!" So...I brought over some bacon and a frying pan and joined Chris & Tara and their crew for a scrumptious brunch at Jeremy & Erin's!! And even though I wasn't at home enjoying my quiet house, I still did get a wonderful treat. Not only did I get brunch made for me, but I got to enjoy it without any responsibilities. I didn't have to cut up any food for anybody, blow it to proper temperatures, wipe down messy faces, make sure anybody was behaving...I could just sit back and worry about nobody but myself. It was absolutely amazing!! It may not have been quiet...but maybe that's over-rated anyway. I was in a house filled with love and laughter -- what could be better than that?

I am home now though, and am enjoying my last hour or so of "me-time". And even when my kids do come back home, it will conveniently be time for naps and quiet time. Man, I could get used to this!!

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Erin said...

I'm so glad we could pull off the spontaneity! It was well worth all the dishes that Jer has to wash : )