Thursday, May 17, 2007

joining in the fun

Okay, okay -- so this picture looks a lot like Erin's a couple of days ago. What can I say...she inspires me!! Plus with Tara coming home with new yard purchases yesterday, I couldn't wait any longer before going out and getting our own. We can't be the neighbors who neglect their yards, you know. So here you have it. I don't even remember what they all are -- and hopefully they all look good once they're planted together -- but aren't they pretty? Les even bought some grass...yes, you read correctly...grass -- they're in the pots on the far right and far left. Hey, at least I put my foot down on getting the stuff that literally looked like dead grass...why in the world would I want to purposefully plant what looks like dead grass?? Anyway, you can be sure that I'll post another picture once they're all planted. But for now, this is it. And of course Les will be the one to plant them. I don't "do" gardening...mud, worms -- yeah, it's not for me. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who enjoys that sort of thing. And the girls will most likely want to "help" as well. So I get the beautiful look without having to do the work! Sounds like a winning situation to me!!


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful flowers. I can't wait until we are all DONE planting these beauties so we can see what they really will look like.

Louise said...

Hey Andrea
I am a friend of Erin's....welcome to the blogging world..word of caution it is very addictive...LOL!

Nice plants, I haven't gotten around to finding any yet, like you my hubby loves that type of thing so I usually wait for the push from him!!

Well welcome, hope you have a great weekend. I enjoyed reading your blog!!

Erin said...

Good on you for joining the gardening club! Well, good on Les ;) We're going to have the best looking corner in Cobblestone!