Friday, May 25, 2007 decision at a time

Just to keep you all updated, I have made some slight revisions to my Weight Watchers plan. I have come to the personal decision that counting points day in a day out for everything that I consume was a little too unrealistic. I just don't have the time -- or energy -- for that. Since I know myself pretty well, after thinking about it I came to the conclusion that going about this wouldn't really help me all that much; but rather it would hurt me.

First of all...I knew that if I really went ahead with this, I would get so fed up with all the points-counting that I would get so frustrated and then just throw in the towel altogether. Plus, I don't really want to be constantly thinking about food...thinking about how many points this is and that is and how many I have left (or don't have left) by the time supper rolls around. I would turn into a food-obsessor and that's not healthy!! Plus, it just involves too much planning and thinking through ahead of time and I just knew that it wasn't what was going to work for me.

BUT -- I am NOT quitting!! I got lots of encouragement from my original announcement, and I'd like to say that I am still doing very well. I have just decided to take a different approach. I still want to use the points system as a loose guide -- just to check up on myself to make sure I'm not eating too many "high points" items. But really I just want to concentrate on portion control, eating a healthier balance (you know...following the Canada Food Guide -- it's pretty simple and you really get to eat a lot of food following that; you just need to focus on the right balance of foods) and of course excercising (this, I have to admit, has yet to happen though...the only day I would've been able to do it though was on Thursday, and after my rough experience the day before, I wanted to take it easy on myself -- which I think is pretty fair). But come Monday...NO EXCUSES!! Another big thing I am trying to conquer is not snacking before bed. I will pretty much eat before bed every night without fail. But, NOT ANYMORE!! I have now gone three evenings in a row without snacking. It's not much, but it's a start.

And...something I am VERY proud of -- I passed on a doughnut today!! Every other Friday one of the supervisors brings in doughnuts for his department and then whoever wants one after that. Well, without fail I dive in and pick out the most chocolately one I can find!! Well, today was the exception. I looked at them, atomatically went to grab one and then STOPPED MYSELF. I told myself I would not have a doughnut today. And it was hard -- they were sitting right beside the fax machine/photocopier, which I use about 50 times a day. And everytime I went by them, the chocolatey one calling my name was still there. The doughnut selection slowly dwindled until there was just that one delicious Bismark left. I could've said "Hey Andrea -- this is a sign. It's the last one left...just go ahead and treat yourself." But I didn't. In fact, I specifically requested someone to eat it for me so that my temptation would be removed Hmmm...for some reason it wasn't a difficult request for him to follow through on.).

It's only one small victory -- but it's decision at a time.

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Erin said...

It's all the little things put together that create the success. I started with the no snacking before bed and it's amazing the change that made. And you know, that whole impulse eating, reaching for something and stopping yourself mid reach? I've actually, literally slapped my own hand, that's how hard it was to stop the reaction. I've had to talk out loud to myself and say "I will not eat that because it will not benefit me and possibly harm what I'm trying to do. It's not going to make me feel better about myself and I can do this...I don't need that." And it works. It's amazing how accomplished you feel everytime. It's like a little kid. Praise yourself evertime you accomplish a small feat. Eventually it doesn't get so hard. In fact I'm finally to the point where I hardly snack at all between meals. That is a HUGE thing for me. I'm the snack queen. Good luck. And keep praying, that's the most important part. You can't do this without God.