Sunday, June 3, 2007

are you up for the challenge?

Head on over to Ramblings From Life for details on this Summer Reading Challenge started by Alexis Jacobs. Also check out Erin's blog to see the picture she has posted with all the books she is planning on reading this summer.

This isn't a contest or a race -- it's simply an encouragement to read more. Post a comment on Alexis' blog to let her know how many books you are planning to read. The Challenge started on June 1st (but latecomers are welcome!) and ends on September 3rd.

I am making it my goal to read 10 books throughout the summer months (although that may quickly turn to 11, since our church is getting the newest Karen Kingsbury book in the near future, and those are always #1 priorities for me!!). I may or may not be successful in this, what with working 3 days a week and just with the busy-ness of life. But it is a good goal to strive towards. Plus, there is no penalty for not reading the books you pledge to read (there is also no reward). It is simply for fun; to entertain and challenge ourselves.
Make sure you not only let Alexis know you're participating, but let me know as well!! I got the idea of taking a picture of the books I want to read from Erin, but don't feel you need to do the same. You may not even know which books you want to read right now. I just have a bunch of books either from church or ones I have recently bought and haven't gotten around to reding yet. Maybe now I'll be more inclined to start turning those pages!!


Pamela said...

Sorry, I have to say I'm going to sit this challenge out! Ever since my return to university, summer has been the only time of the year that I don't HAVE to read anything and that's what I plan to do, lol! I can't even begin to count the hundreds of pages I read to research for the 14 essay I had last term! The only books I will be reading this summer are babysitter's club and sweet valley kids books with my daughters! But good luck on your challenge!

jackie said...

Well, you've already got me started on a reading kick! I'm on to reading "Devine" now. I'm enjoying the reading, but I'm staying up too late! Last night I finally turned off my light at 2am!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Thanks for joining! Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite authors. You will love the next book.