Thursday, June 28, 2007

campsite carnage

Here are the pictures of Les' campsite from their scary ordeal on Saturday.
(By the way, I was away on holidays for the last few days -- without INTERNET access *gasp* -- which explains why I have had such a long absence from blogging...but don't worry; I'll make up for lost time before the weekend is out. I have lots to report on!!)

This is the "Before" picture. Les wasn't even sure at the time why he took this picture.
But it shows how the campsite looked before the devastation of the assumed twister.

Here is the "after" picture. Look how close the trees were that snapped off!!

The tree that is leaning over (below) would've fallen directly on them in the tent
if it hadn't got caught in that other tree.

Check out how close this tree (below) fell to their tent. They were literally inches away from serious injury. Praise the Lord that they made it through!!


TammyIsBlessed said...

Wow - that's incredible! Looks like there were some guardian angels working overtime that day. Aren't you glad you weren't there?!

Louise said...

Wow - thank you Lord for protection!!
That is amazing!!
Glad he got home safe!!!

Ruth said...

GOD IS FAITHFUL!!! wow andrea. powerful testimony.

happy friday!

Pamela said...

yikes! Thanks for sharing!