Friday, June 29, 2007

happy holidays

(I seem to be having technical difficulties with the slide show at the bottom of this post...I will try again in a different post -- wish me luck!!)

Les and I are on holidays this week and on Tuesday we took the girls on a short holiday to our friend Paul's family cabin close to Grand Beach. Here are some of the highlights (and a few lowlights) of our time:

Things got off to a bit of a rocky start when Joelle puked on the side of the road only 15 minutes after we left and when I cracked open the drugs for a feverish Malia the minute we got to the cabin. I was a bit concerned about how things would play out. However, thankfully Joelle's "thing" -- whatever it was Myspace Slideshows, MySpace slide show, myspace slideshow-- was a one-time thing; she was fine immediately after and had no recurring incidents. Malia on the other hand was feverish for the first two days. Since it was cloudy and breezy those days anyway though, it didn't really affect how we spent our time. She was, however, quite clingy and lethargic and spent a lot of time sleeping.

Joelle was very excited to be at the cabin though. Which was great especially since last year when we went there it was her turn to be feverish. Sheesh -- hopefully next year if we go back again, neither of them will be sick!! As soon as we got to the cabin Joelle went to scout out the rooms to claim a bed. I was assuming she would pick the same room as she did last year, but she surprised me by picking a different one -- the one that had the blanket that she liked the best!!

We spent a lot of quality time together and "uncle" Paul even joined us from Tuesday night till Wednesday after supper. The girls always enjoy having him around and he gives them a lot of his attention. It also gives Mom a break -- so everybody wins!!

One of the biggest highlights of the trip for me was that there were absolutely NO storms. We didn't have a single bolt of lightning or crack of thunder. It was WONDERFUL to go to bed without the threat of a severe thunderstorm hanging over our head. I slept through the night for the first time in a, that felt good!!

On the second night, I had a special sleep-over with Joelle. She went to bed a couple of hours before we did, but after I had been trying to sleep for an hour already she started coming to our room a few times saying that she was "scared of everything." After laying down with her for awhile, I figured I would just spend the rest of the night with her. We had never had a sleepover before. When I suggested that to her she was very excited!! We did some cuddling and some whispering and some giggling...but I did NOT sleep very well, and I won't be doing sleep-overs with her very often!! That girl is the most restless sleeper EVER!! She didn't stay in one position for more than a minute at a time. And she seemed to really enjoy sleeping sideways on the bed with her feet kicking into my ribs. Yeah, that was lovely! But it was still a special memory for me.

Other than that, we had lots of fun at the beaches (both the "sandy" one and the "rocky" one) and made many new memories as a family. We were blessed with a hot sunny day on Wednesday before heading home (which is when I got my bad sunburn!) and good driving conditions. Also, Malia ended up feeling better for the sunny day which worked out really well.

All in all, it was a great little vacation and I look forward to doing it again next year (maybe for 3 nights this time...).

I'd like to share some pictures with you in the form of a slideshow so let's see if this works. I've never created a slideshow before so this may not have turned out's hoping!!


Pamela said...

Hope the girls are feeling better! Was the puking an excitement thing for Joelle. Until I was in Junior high, I would get so excited that I would puke every time I was invied to a party, etc. Thnakfully, I outgrew it! lol!

jackie said...

That sounds like a really nice time away! Except for Malia not feeling well, of course. Your slide shows are really cool! I want to go camping now. Well, if I can go in a cabin that is.