Saturday, June 2, 2007

party, party, party

Today we were at a fabulous outdoor birthday party at Chris & Tara's for Payton who is turning 5 next weekend (pictured below with my girls). Each kid at the party received their own soaker thing -- whatever they're actually called is beyond me!! -- in lieu of a party bag (excellent idea, Tara!). The sun and clouds kept having a competition with each other, but most of the kids seemed unphased by being wet and cold (except of course for Joelle, who didn't last very long before she was done getting wet...I'm surprised this picture even shows a smile on her face!).

Malia, on the other hand, couldn't get enough! She didn't have the slightest clue what to actually do with it so good thing Daddy was there to give her a hand. Nice action shot!!

Ah, is the moody girl now!! I had to try so hard to get a picture where I could see her face. She kept turning around or just plain running away from me with her perpetual pout. Hmmm...15 kids to play with, a license to get as wet and dirty as you want -- yeah, I can see how that wouldn't be fun for an almost 4 year old.

The trampoline provided a lot of good entertainment for the kids. There were sometimes up to 10 kids on there at once...uh, so much for the "only one person allowed on at a time" rule that's posted on the side. Yeah, right!! (and yes -- that is Malia being tossed into the air, butt sticking straight up...I had a good chuckle over this one)

And...time for cake!! It's a good thing tonight was bath night (although even if it wasn't, she would've been tossed in the tub anyway, that's for sure!!) You can't even see her in all her glory -- but man, was she a filthy mess!! Hey -- at least she had fun!!


Louise said...

Cute!! What a beautiful day it was!! and ohhh the kids sleep so well after a busy day outside!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming, we had alot of fun. And the furnace is now working fine! LOL! (The men's excuse to go inside and watch hockey. They could of least said the sump pump, that would of been more believable!)

Erin said...

It was a fun party. Great pictures! I'm going to go send Tara all the birthday ones now so she can blog about it : )