Saturday, June 30, 2007

pet peeve survey results

I only received 6 responses on this, including my own. Thanks for those who participated. Here's what I got:

Tammi: People who don't know how to use merging lanes.

Ruth: People who chew with their mouths open.

Sheldon: People critiquing movies and commercials just because they don't make sense. Most commercials don't make logical sense, but do they need to? I always thought everyone knew they were fake...just like wrestling. :)

Pamela: Spelling mistakes, which is ironic because I am the world's worst speller. Even if I can't tell how a word is spelled...I can tell if it's spelled wrong. The word that bugs me the worst is when people spell probably - "prolly"...that drives me nuts!!

Jackie: When people eat loudly around me (usually due to eating with their mouths open). I just can't stand those mouth sounds with food. The worst is sitting at the table with people eating corn on the cob. I can't stand listening to the crunching and slurping.

Andrea: I can't stand feeling sticky. If we're having a meal of honey garlic wings or something, I will eat the wings first and then go wash my hands before continuing with my meal.

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Pamela said...

and a special thanks to Andrea for fixing the mistake in my email before posting it here, lol! (I spelled probably...porbably!!)

PS That hating that sticky feeling is a pet peeve of Kezia's too!