Friday, June 29, 2007

sister shout-out

Hey everybody -- for those of you who may not yet know, my oldest sister Tammy has started up her own blog recently. I just wanted to give her a shout-out and give you the link to her blog: is her site.

By the way, last night she just posted the story of how my unique family formed (entitled "Event #3"). It's a sad beginning but God used it to make something beautiful come out of it -- so go check it out; some of the details you may not have heard before.

Glad to have you join the blogging world Tammy! Hope you're having as much fun with it as I am!!


Ruth said...

welcome welcome

TammyIsBlessed said...

Thanks! It is kinda fun. I'm not as dedicated as you are, but that's no surprise.

Pamela said...

:wave: Hi Tammy!