Monday, June 18, 2007

sisters forever

My girls absolutely love each other. They already seem to know that friends may come and go, but they will be sisters forever.

On Saturday evening both of the girls were misbehaving. We had company over too, and it was just one thing after another. Surprisingly they weren't directing it at each other most of the time; they were directing it at Les and I. At one point, I dragged Joelle to the bathroom to wash her hands after dinner and she was throwing one of her fits and was very upset. Malia followed us to the bathroom and Joelle turned around and said:

"Malia...(sniff, sniff)...could I have a...(sniff)...hug, please?"

And Malia ran up to her without hesitation, arms open wide, and threw herself against her, hugging her with all of her might. I had to grab the camera; how sweet is this?

It's so amazing how emotions swing from one end to the complete opposite within seconds; especially with children. I was ready to pull my hair out with the way they were both behaving, and yet suddenly all of that was erased as I was watching my two children cling to each other with the knowledge that they love each other unconditionally.

It is my prayer that they are always close friends. That even through their hair-pulling, teasing and fighting they will always come out loving each other. That they will have an unbreakable bond that will take them through their entire lives. That they will be sisters forever - and not just because they have to be; but because they want to be.


Anonymous said...

I love when my children get along and are affectionate towards each other, it brings a sparkle to my eye!

Louise said...

Just too cute!! They sure are precious!

Ruth said...

THEY are soooooo super duper cute. reminds me of my 2 little sisters when they were that age.

soak up every moment mama andrea.