Thursday, June 14, 2007

when the music fades

I'm sure all of you can agree that music is extremely powerful. At least for me, I feel the most through music. It can make me happy, it can make me sad; it can give me goosebumps and it can give me hope.

When I am at work, I find that I need positive music the most. Not that going to work is necessarily an awful thing for me; but it just helps me get through the day. Fortunately, we are allowed radios at our desks. And every Tom, Dyck and Harry has one. Unfortunately, I hear them all in the background...from Hot 103 to Q94 to Power 97...ah, what a mix!!

So, one day I finally brought in my own radio for at my desk. I tuned it to CHVN95.1FM (Manitoba's Christian radio station) and -- what a change!! Like I said before, work isn't a bad thing for me -- in fact, I enjoy the part-time balance between being at home and having an outside job. But when I started listening to Christian music all day at work, I was amazed at the difference. I was constantly cheerful and my days just flew by! Co-workers who used to get under my skin and even downright annoy me didn't seem to be as much of an issue anymore. I was excited about the days going that much better.

However, one day my old clock radio seemed to have a bit of a melt-down. I had found it in the basement finally (after looking through boxes on several occasions) and I knew it was really old, but I figured it would still be just fine. And for a couple of weeks it was. Then, one day it started doing really weird things with the volume control. On two occasions the volume just started getting louder and louder and louder -- and the only way to make it stop was to turn it off!! Turning the volume down didn't provide any help.

So I decided I would just leave it off and not worry about it. I instantly missed the positive, encouraging music and once again I was amazed at the difference the music had been making on my mind, mood and spirit. My days started dragging again, and instead of work being something that had previously been okay, I was now starting to dread it. Co-workers were getting under my skin again, and my moods at the office were often way too negative. It's really quite amazing what the difference was when the music fades.

Tomorrow will be different, though. Know why? I finally dished out the $9.99 to buy myself a brand new clock radio!! I can bring it to work, set the dial to CHVN and experience "heaven in the real world" once again!! That will make getting out of bed in the morning that much easier.


jackie said...

That's great! Keep the music on Andrea! Find your car key yet?

Pamela said...

It's amazing how the power of music can influence people. Conrad works with two non-Christian guys and the radio at the store is always tuned to CHVN and the music and lyric echo around the place all day. Awhile back one of the guys was joking that an infomerical selling the lastest Christian worship songs had come on tv and he said it was crazy because he could sing along with all the songs they previewed!! I pray that the words of these songs will be a testimony to these men as they listen to the words. I hope your new radio brings you lots of happiness :)

Rod & M's said...

Andrea - I love your blog - very entertaining! :) Brings back memories of when I was a young mom - 20 years ago!! I can relate to the music thing at work. If I can hear the radio on the other side of the office, it's time to pull out my earphones, plug them into my computer & put in one of my praise & worship CDs. My problem is that then I want to close my eyes and start singing along - wouldn't go over too well at work. :) love you! Auntie M's