Friday, June 1, 2007

your participation is required

As you may have noticed, I have added yet one more addition to my side tabs to the left of my blog. It is titled "And the Survey Says..." I often wonder how many people do this, or how many people think like this -- so I figured that I would give this a whirl.

Every Friday I want to post a new question and since the question won't be in a post where you can respond with a comment, I have included my email address where you can send me your reply. I will take responses until the following Friday when I will tabulate the results and post them, as well as next week's question.

If I find not many people are participating, this may be a short-lived thing. But I think it would be very interesting so I would love a lot of people to take part in this (and that includes all of you who don't ever leave me comments -- I want FEEDBACK).

Also...if any of you have any interesting ideas on future polls I should do -- feel free to add them to your response emails as well. I want to keep this creative and fun, so ideas are more than welcome!!

What do you guys think?? (please be nice)

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