Saturday, July 21, 2007

farewell to flippy

I'd like to introduce you to Flippy. He's a tiny little frog that Les and the girls found a few days ago in our garden.

Yes, he's in just have to look hard to find him. He's sitting on top of the large rock, slightly camoflouged. Told you he was tiny.

Joelle was very proud of her "pet" and she named him Flippy. Sadly for Joelle, Flippy was a very temporary pet.

No, he didn't die (that we know of!). But we released him this morning into our flower bed. As you can tell, his "home" in our ice cream pail was getting quite gross and he needed to be set free to find food and a better environment. Joelle was disappointed when we told her that we had to let him go today but she participated in the farewell and has since moved on quite nicely.

We have seen a few other frogs (some much bigger than our beloved Flippy) in our yard, so I'm sure we will host a few other "pets" in the weeks to come....lucky me!

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