Monday, July 9, 2007

honor your husband: update #1

Las week Monday I posted about a challenge I was participating in to honor my husband. Here is my weekly update on how I am doing:

1. On the days that I have been home (I worked 3 days last week and Les beats me home on those days), I have left what I have been doing and given him a hug and a kiss, greet him with a "I'm happy to have you home" and ask about his day. The first day I did this, he looked at me and said "What was that for?" We actually have this rule that we started when we first got married: whoever comes home from being gone is the one to give the other one a kiss. So for ME to go out of my way to give him a kiss -- and a hug -- didn't fall within our norm. And it definitely did not go un-noticed!

2. I have also been quite successful in toning down the nit-picking. You should've seen our bedroom floor this week -- but I kept my mouth shut!! I was also out with a friend on Friday evening and came home to find that the table hadn't yet been wiped from when he fed the girls supper, nor were all toys cleaned up off the floor, etc. But instead of making some sort of comment like I'm usually guilty of doing...I kept silent.

3. As for speaking well of him with or without his presence -- I need to put a little more effort into this one in the coming weeks. Not like I spoke negatively about him; it just didn't seem like I was around many people this week to do this. It also felt like with working 3 days this week, having a massage one evening, going out with my girlfriend on another that I hardly saw my kids. I will strive to go out of my way to find opportunities to build Les up with positive words in this coming week.

4. And onto the "behind closed doors"...without going into detail (which I'm sure you will all be thankful for!), all I have to say is that with having the most awful cough of my life this week, plus putting my back out on Saturday morning -- we have some work to do in this area.

5. Sadly I have fallen in my efforts to really pray for Les every day. Other than the simple usual stuff. I really want to improve my efforts in this area and pray DAILY for Les' spiritual walk, for his job, for his goals & aspirations and much, much more.

6. I have been somewhat successful in spending more quality time with him. I have gone outside with him after the girls are in bed to sit with him while he waters his garden or while he shows me something in the garage. Again, with not feeling well this last week I haven't done as well as I could've. Lying on the couch to rest often seemed like a much more attractive offer! But I'm trying!!

7. And finally -- the FREE foot massages. Once again, the sick card comes into play. But I did manage to give him one free foot massage this week.

So, there has been some positive progress but there is still a lot of work to be done. I'm hoping that my cough and my back will soon heal so that I can kick this into full gear. And if I'm down-and-out for too much longer, I'll have to stretch out my challenge for another couple of weeks!!

Tune in next Monday for update #2.


Anonymous said...

after a few years of marriage, it's great to make it even better. i have been very encouraged by your list. a few small changes makes it so worth it. i have noticed since i've cut the tension, we laugh much more! thanks!andrea

Jamie said...

That sounds great Andrea! And don't feel guilty about not doing as much because you're sick. Your ideas have really encouraged me (I even got up from the couch when Mark came home to greet and kiss him last week). Though I don't think I'll make a list on my blog (since Mark often reads it, and then it wouldn't work as well) I will definitely try and make more effort to show my husband I love him.

TammyIsBlessed said...

Good work on your goals! I was impressed with how many you made.

Pamela said...

Great job with your goals! Hope you feel better soon!

Bailey said...

thanks for the honesty and for the inspiration!