Monday, July 23, 2007

honor your husband: update #3

Three weeks into my Honor Your Husband 30-day challenge; one week remaining. This week I'm going to do my update a little differently. Rather than go through my goals one by one and update on how I'm doing, I'm going to let you in on a few things that I've learned.

One thing I learned was just how badly Satan hates it when we take on challenges like this. Challenges to LOVE somebody and shower them with BLESSINGS. He gets threatened by that and likes to throw things into our path to prevent us from following through. Things like a bad cough, a put-out back, an exhausting week with no energy left to spare for anybody else. All of these things happened to me throughout the first few weeks of this challenge and it was frustrating for me. I need to fight extra hard to conquer the evil of Satan and bring glory to God through this challenge.

Another thing I learned through this challenge is that once we start focusing on doing good to others, they automatically want to reciprocate that love and turn it around on us. I have definitely noticed this with Les. Now, Les reads my blog and he's known about this challenge and about all of my specific goals from the very beginning. So he's known how much I've been trying to honour him lately, even amidst all my set backs. And I noticed almost immediately upon beginning this challenge that he seemed to be finding small ways to honor me in return. Things like a little head rub while I was having trouble falling asleep, telling me to sit down after an exhuasting week while he made me a delicious smoothie, asking our friends if we could borrow their pop-up camper for next weekend so that I don't have to sleep in a tent, taking an interest in my blog and even taking the on-line Love Languages test all on his own. Also, once he discovered that my love language was words of affirmation, he has taken the extra effort to compliment me more; on a delicious meal, on the work I've done around the house, and on how beautiful he thinks I am (even if it's on a day when I'm not feeling particularly beautiful). And just lately he has been very sensitive to me and supportive during a bit of an "issue" that I was going through.

Not to say that Les would never have done any of these things if I hadn't been doing this challenge. But it just feels like when someone specifially makes an effort to love, encourage and even spoil someone a little bit, the other person feels like returning such blessings. And the more people who do this sort of thing, the harder it is for Satan to win!!!

In my final week of this challenge, I want to spend time praying that these goals that I have set for myself for the past 30 days will have turned into habits that I will continue doing long past the set closing date of the challenge. That I will continue to put Les' needs ahead of my own. That I will continue recognizing that his love language is quality time with his wife. That I will continue to make him a priority in my life.


ValleyGirl said...

Amazing, the things we learn when we're trying to learn other things! This has been a good challenge and I'm definitely praying too that these are now habits.

jackie said...

You inspire me Andrea!