Wednesday, July 25, 2007

making me smile

Today was a day that was full of things that made me h-a-p-p-y. There were all sorts of things that made me smile today. Here are some of them....

Last summer Les' parents gave each of their children -- incuding spouses -- their very own bug-zapper (see picture below). This thing is the best! For those of you who have never seen one of these before, there's a button that you press on the side of the handle to activate the "zapping" and then you just catch a pesky bug and zap them to death. It's really quite fun!! This "toy" has come in very handy in the last several days as flies have seemed to multiply by the hundreds in our house. Sometimes I can't stop the wicked grin from splaying across my lips as I know I have won and the flies are at my mercy (although the smell of frying-flies isn't terribly appealing).

My kids also made me smile on numerous occasions today. One thing that often strikes my 'funny bone' is watching my little miss Malia run. I haven't yet been able to capture this on video, but you can be assured that once I do I will post it!! Her little bum wiggles back and forth and her arms just hang by her side flopping to and fro. She kinda looks like a little penguin.

Joelle is also a funny little character. Something that she likes to do -- which she did again tonight -- is try to prove that she's not tired. I'll look at her and say "Your eyes look really tired" and her rebuttle...she opens her eyes as wide as she can. Sorry, sweetie -- that doesn't get rid of the bags under your eyes or the look of sheer exhaustion. But it's cute and a very creative (but not successful) way to try and get us to let you stay up later.

Something else about Joelle that made me smile today is her beautiful hair. I love her adorable curls. Especially in this humidity; perhaps the only good thing that comes out of humidity. Parts of her hair get so curly they actually look like ringlets. Here's a picture taken tonight to try and show just how beautiful her hair is.

And -- good news for our grass...WE GOT RAIN!!! Our front yard has been getting a little scorched from this heat wave and it was in desperate need of natural rain. We didn't get very much early on, but as the evening wore on the volume of rain increased and it made me smile (as did the cooler temperatures...I could actually walk out the door and not feel like I was walking into a wall of heat!).

And, one final thing that made me smile today -- this one needs no words; the picture says it all.


jackie said...

glad you have lots to smile about today, Andrea. the pic of the girls is adorable!

ValleyGirl said...

Some people here in the blogosphere participate in 'Thankful Thursdays' and it seems that even though you're not officially involved, your post fits right in. Very uplifting -- and a key ingredient to being a joyful person.

Louise said...

LOVE that picture of the sweet is that!!!