Monday, July 2, 2007

mmmmmm......fresh strawberries

***(It's been recommended to me by Tammi to indicate that when making the pie recipe below to mix the corn starch and sugar BEFORE adding the water to prevent clumping -- good tip!)***

It's the best time of the summer -- strawberry season!! Les went picking on Saturday and brought home 3 pails (for now -- he's planning on going again sometime this week to get another SIX!!). We have already enjoyed them on vanilla ice cream -- AND -- yesterday afternoon I made two strawberry pies. My parents came over for supper and this was a delightful summer treat for all of us (it's been hard for me to stay out of the leftovers while Les is at work...the plan is to wait till he's home and finish it for supper far, so good!) Take a peek at the end result -- my presentation might not be as good as Rachel Ray's, but it tasted every bit as good as something she would whip up!

I got the recipe a few years ago from Tammi and now I'd like to share it will all of you (it's so simple and a hundred times more delicious!!):


2 cups water ----------1 cup sugar

3 tbsp corn starch ---------sliced fresh strawberries

1 small pkg strawberry jell-o ---------- whipped cream

Bring water, sugar & cornstarch to rolling boil. Add jell-o and let cool about 20 minutes. Pour over berries in pre-baked pie shell; top with whipped cream.

(apparantly this is also good with fresh peaches & peach jell-o too!)



ValleyGirl said...

Mmmmmmm, fresh strawberry pie! I hate it that our strawberry season out here is a couple of weeks later than yours! All this talk of strawberries is driving me nuts!!

ValleyGirl said...

PS. You should mention that the sugar and cornstarch should get mixed in the pot FIRST before adding the water to avoid clumping. I've been lucky sometimes and it hasn't made a difference, but I've also had cornstarch lumps in my pie and that's just gross. Mixing the two together before adding the water eliminates the possibility.

TammyIsBlessed said...

Hmmmmm, strawberries!

Good for you for making your own pie. I know I could too, but what with house building, and needing a nap everyday with this pregnancy - if I can get someone else to make it for me - woohoo!

Pamela said...

I have made and really enjoyed that pie recipe!! It really is delicious with peaches but only the fresh ones, not canned!!!