Friday, July 13, 2007

saying farewell to "the beast"

I feel like I have a whole new living room. First the paint last week and now...a new piece of furniture and some re-arranging have nearly completed our living room make-over.

I have, of course, included some before and after pictures from two different angles.





The new piece of furniture is the new TV stand, which technically is a coffee table. We had a big beasty entertainment unit that we bought from my parents when we first got married (otherwise known as "The Beast"). It got put to great use over the last 6 years, but as you may or may not be able to tell from the pictures, it just didn't quite go with the decor in our newer house. So we found a coffee table that we really liked and have turned it into a TV stand (you can see it better in the top After picture).
The room isn't quite finished yet though. Not only do we need to put back up some pictures and maybe add some more artwork and small details, but Les is doing some "re-vamping" to The Beast. He has cut it in half and we are still going to use the half with all the shelves for our VCR, DVD player, and stereo which are currently sitting on the floor beside the TV stand. He is going to paint it black so that it will actually match the room and...voila!
I love it all. I love the new TV stand, I still love the new paint, and I really love the new arrangement of the furniture. It makes the living room cozier and it provides a good walk-way from the front entrance to the rest of the house.
Who needs "Trading Spaces?"


ValleyGirl said...

Ooooo, nice! That gives you a much cozier conversation area without having to include 'passers-by!'

Les has probably thought of this already, but in case he hasn't, make sure you rough up the veneer of the shelf before you spray paint it. I didn't do that with our coffee table (because I was too impatient!) and we've always been able to scratch paint off with just our fingernails. If you rough it up first, the paint will stick much better.

jackie said...

it looks beautiful Andrea! you're getting the decorating bug in you, eh? i'll have to come in person to see it soon!

ValleyGirl said...

Oops, sorry. I just re-read my comment. YOU might also have already thought of the 'roughing up' thing. Didn't mean to imply if Les hadn't thought of it, there's no way you would have!!

It's just not something I really gave much thought to until I realized the dry paint wasn't really adhering like I thought it should. The little light went on a little too late!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Looks great - good job!

Pamela said...

Very Nice! You have a lovely home :)

Erin said...

Very nice!