Sunday, July 15, 2007

splish! splash! bible bash

Today our church started its annual VBS (Vacation Bible School) program. We're having it every evening from 6:15 - 8:30 and it's for ages 3-5 and K-Grade 6.

This is the first year that Joelle has been able to go. Last year she missed the age cut-off by 2 months (although she went with Daddy one evening when he was asked to help out in the pre-school group and she has a B-L-A-S-T!) so she was excited that she was able to go this year.

It's a water theme this year and they have put a lot of work into it. The decorations and banners and everything is really quite incredible. I was helping out at the registration table and there were 67 kids that showed up today. And they're expecting more to come tomorrow!! It was a full house (or should I say church) and it was like a ZOO in there!! I think it all went really well though and Joelle came running out of her designated area at 8:30 with a huge smile on her face, proudly displaying the craft she had made.

I wasn't quite sure how she would do. I knew she was excited about it, but she's also nervous about new things; especially if Mom and Dad aren't right there with her (she still sometimes cries a bit when we drop her off for Sunday School even though she's been going for 2 years already). And she doesn't like being in big groups. But thankfully her Grandma & Grandpa were some of the leaders for her pre-school age group which was a big help I'm sure. I was happy to see her big smiles when she came running up to me at the end of the evening.

She was already excited about going back tomorrow!! In fact she said "I want to do it again right now." I had to explain to her that first everybody needed to go home to sleep and we'd do it again tomorrow. She accepted it, but she looked disappointed.

As I tucked her into bed tonight and walked out the door, I right away heard her singing "splish! splash!" - one of the songs they learned tonight. She couldn't remember what came after it (the first few lines just repeat a few times: "splish! splash! bible bash!"), so she just kept singing "splish! splash! uh...ash" over and over.

It will be neat to hear her sing all the new songs this week and way beyond.

And you know what I realized tonight? I'm going to be a complete w-r-e-c-k when she starts school next fall...I was already getting a bit emotional that she was old enough to go to VBS already (not actual tears or anything...but just goosebumpy feelings and a lump in my throat, you know?).

Sheesh! I'm going to fall apart once kindergarten comes!!! The only "splish! splash!" I'm going to hear are my tears falling to the floor!!


jackie said...

that's great that she enjoyed it so much! next year it's olivia's turn for VBS too!

ValleyGirl said...

Man, we're going to have to start holidaying in the city during VBS week. Hannah and Abby would love it, too. Sounds like an awesome time!

Anonymous said...

i'm not ready for school either. no question, tears will come, but i'm trying to be positive, looking forward to more of 'our time' and 'our special talks'. but as for right now, i read that do not worry encouragement in Matthew(i forget where- my Bible just goes there already!!!)God will give you peace. You are a fabulous mom and such a blessing to me!an

TammyIsBlessed said...

Sophia is so jealous that Emma's going to DVBS and she can't. The church here in town you have to be 5, and our church's full day camp you have to be 6. Oh well, at least she can start one of them next year!

Glad Joelle's having a blast!

Pamela said...

fun! This is Kade's first year at the day camp at our church and I know he's looking forward to it but I'm a little sad that I have no one left at home!
I'm glad Joelle is enjoying it!