Saturday, July 21, 2007

summer treats

This summer we have been indulging in some of the season's
most delightful treats -- strawberries and saskatoons.
Besides just eating these berries plain or with ice cream, yesterday
we found 2 other ways to enjoy these delicious berries.

Mmmm....this fruit salad (which also contained nectarines, watermelon, apples
and bananas) was scrumptious!!

And before bed Les whipped up these magnificent smoothies.

It's really too bad that we can't have fresh berries like this all year round!!

But we are making sure we enjoy them to their fullest while we've got 'em!!

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ValleyGirl said...

YUM! Strawberry season is FINALLY here, too!! I think maybe one morning this week I'll go get some. With Greg home never leaving for work before 11, I won't even have to take the girls -- woo-hoo!! And today I had the first handful of raspberries growing in our garden. Greg says we've got tons of saskatoons, too, but they've been left wild for too long, so the fruit is way too high up on the trees. Last year, he crawled up on the garage roof to pick a pail-full, but this year he figured that wouldn't do the trick. Nuts. Hopefully our neighbours still have their plantation.