Wednesday, July 25, 2007

today's tidbit

I thoroughly enjoyed posting 100 things about me on the weekend. And since then I have thought up of several other things that I could've written about me. It was really fun to travel back in time and conjure up all sorts of memories that I had forgotten all about!

So, I have decided to add yet one more thing to my side-bar: Today's Tidbit. I won't necessarily change it every day, as I am sure to run out of ideas. But I will try to come up with new -- and hopefully interesting -- facts about my life to give you glimpses of who I am and what experiences I have come across in my 28 years of life.

A few days ago I also added "Motivation for Mom's" and "Daily Snippets from the Word" to my side-bar (man, this is getting to be a busy site!). These change on a daily basis automatically and provide inspiration and encouragement for all who take the time to read them (myself included!).

Enjoy! And please keep coming back, I love it when you stop by!


Jamie said...

I love reading your busy site, and even added the Motivation for Moms to my site too! Also, I just tagged you for a 'meme', go check it out.

ValleyGirl said...

Okay, I resent being lumped in with Dauphin on your little 'where my viewers are from' thingy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've tagged you to do a meme about 8 interesting things about you. Come visit my blog and get the rules!