Tuesday, July 3, 2007

too much time in the sun

Yesterday Joelle spent about 3 1/2 hours outside in the hot, hot sun. Fortunately we had applied sunscreen on her sensitive skin but unfortunately she didn't keep her hat on nor did she play in any shade. She was having a blast though, jumping on the neighbour's trampoline (their brand new one to replace the one that got wrecked in the twister a couple of weeks ago) and just running around all over the place with her friends.

When she finally came inside, shortly before supper, she instantly crashed on the couch. She cuddled up with her favorite blanket and put on a sweater claiming to be c-o-l-d of all things. Obviously her body was in shock from being out in the extreme heat to coming in to the cool, air conditioned house; her first encounter with heat stroke.

She lay there on the couch and skipped supper -- which is unusual for her these days as she has been eating like a horse lately! -- and her body felt excruciatingly boiling hot!! She did manage to eat a banana and some grapes before bed but we had a hard time getting her to drink enough water or to keep a cool cloth on her forehead. She didn't sleep great at night either and was still quite warm in the morning, but she's feeling a lot better by now (thankfully!). Hopefully she sleeps straight through the night tonight, 'cause I'm sure tired!!

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Pamela said...

Poor Girl! Hope she is back to her old self soon!