Tuesday, August 14, 2007

and the encyclopedia continues...

K is for Kisses

Joelle and I have this thing where anytime I leave her somewhere or put her to bed I have to give her "ten hugs and kisses." It used to be only on one cheek, and somehow it has grow to hugs and kisses on both sides! I'm not sure when this exactly started, or how she picked the number ten -- but it is a special thing that we do to say goodbye or goodnight and I hope it continues for a very long time. And I'm sure once Malia gets a bit older and realizes what we're doing, she'll want in too!!

K is for Kid-Free Evening (and night!)

Les' parents are babysitting our girls today and tomorrow while I'm at work. So...I asked them if they just wanted to keep them for night in between instead of me bringing them back and forth. They of course agreed so there you have it!! I picked up KFC on my way home from work and we ate in front of the TV like old times. Then we each got to do what we wanted to do without any kid interruptions (Les working in the garage and myself playing piano). We have also rented a movie -- "Wild Hogs" -- that we will watch this evening too. What a weird feeling though. It really feels like when we didn't have kids yet. Just the two of us. It feels strange but it's definitely nice for a change once in awhile. I will be excited to see the girls again tomorrow though. Absense makes the heart grow fonder, you know!! Oh -- and Joelle called me right before bed and asked for "ten hugs and kisses on both sides." If I'm not there in person to put her to bed, it works over the phone too!!

L is for Losing Weight

I could write a book on this one -- but don't worry, I won't. All I'll really say is that this is a struggle that I have had for years and years. But mostly since I got married and especially since having kids. I would love to lose 30 pounds. I just wish I had the will-power to do it. I love food too much and even though I really do enjoy excercising, I find it hard to get into a groove and keep it up. Maybe one day...

M is for Malia

Malia Jade is my baby. My second-born daughter. I alway dreamed of having 2 little girls, and now I have them. As surprised as I was that Joelle was a girl, I was doubly surprised about Malia. I was sure I was going to have a boy the second time around and I just could not believe it when once again the doctor said "It's a girl."

My labour with Malia was shorter than Joelle's -- only 10 hours as opposed to 20. But my epidural didn't take affect like the other one. It was a much harder labour and I have never been so happy as when it was all over!! I had post-pardum hemmoraghing once again, but not as bad. I wasn't as freaked out this time, especially since they knew my history and were prepared for it.

Malia was another big baby -- 8 lbs 11 oz, and truth be told I forget how long she was at this moment (horribley, hey?). Somewhere around 21" I'm sure. And unlike Joelle, she was born with a head of dark hair; almost black actually. Everyone was so shocked when they first saw her. It did take awhile to get used to. Her hair has since lightened a lot and she's almost as light now as Joelle. She has nice dark skin though which seems fitting with her Hawaiian name.

Malia is a beautiful, sweet, strong and stubborn child. When she was a baby I was convinced that she was going to be my quiet child. My "easy" child. I dubbed her as my "princess" from the day she was born. HOWEVER...I was wrong about her. She is far from my "easy" child. She is just as stubborn -- if not more -- than her big sister. And she's agressive to boot.

But she has blessed me incredibly much in her almost 2 years of life. She has the sweetest smile, the cutest giggle and the funniest looks. She does the silliest things and gives the tightest hugs. She makes me smile every day and I am so proud to be the mother to this precious treasure.

N is for Nose

I hate my nose. Well, I should rephrase that...I hate my nose from the side profile. I think it's fine from the front. But any pictures taken of me from the side show how pointy my nose is and I really don't like it. And they say your nose never stops growing...oh, great!!


Jamie said...

Landon and I have a similar tradition of kisses before bed; "One on each cheek and one on the lips." I know that may not last long considering he's a boy! But it's so special to me now!

And I could tell Malia was 'agressive' as you say, or full of life and energy from pictures. Having never met her, I can still almost feel the kind of hugs you must get from those sweet, full-of-energy arms!

Erin said...

I too, hate my side profile of my nose. Looks like a ski slope! Ah, well, we can't be too perfect, right? : )