Friday, August 3, 2007

a week of saturdays

Les and I have been on holidays this week and my days have been all mixed up! Every day has felt like a Saturday -- which isn't a bad thing, that's for sure!!

After our camping weekend we have had a very busy week full of fun family activities. Tuesday we attended a surprise outdoor birthday pool party after having supper at my parents' place. The girls had gotten so much practice in the water from the weekend that they were like fish in that swimming pool. It was great to once again see them have so much fun in the water.

Wednesday held a trip to Fun Mountain.

You would think from this picture that Joelle was super excited to start going down those slides. Especially since she had gotten so used to being in water over the last several days. Well, I took her down one kiddie slide before she started freaking out. I guess landing in the water was a bit cold for her right away. Plus, it was quite a windy day so that didn't help matters even though the sun was quite warm. It just got off to a bad start. It took her at least an hour to finally start having fun -- although she refused to go down the kiddie slides all by herself with someone catching her at the bottom. Les had to go with her every time. But at least she was finally having fun!!
But Malia on the other hand -- you should've seen her face!! She was having a B-L-A-S-T going down the slides. And she loved going down by herself and having someone catch her at the bottom. She even let Les and I take her down a BIG waterslide, giggling all the way down!!
Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it. It's hard to have the camera around when you both have to be in the water or on a slide. So it was locked up in a locker for most of the time. I did get a short video of Les going down a little slide with both of the girls -- but I can't get it to rotate the right way, so I'm not sure yet if it's going to work to post it.
Thursday was TINKERTOWN DAY!! We went with my sister and brother-in-law and my 2-year-old neice Elliott who were also on holidays this week. This outing was a huge success. All three of the girls had a fabulous time and I got A LOT of good pictures of this day!!

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And the good thing is that I didn't even have to go on the ferris wheel this year!! Joelle wanted to go with her Uncle Jean-Guy the first time and her Auntie Michelle the second time. Phew!! And Malia went with Daddy -- but she was NOT a fan, so she only went once. I did thoroughly enjoy going on the bumper cars though.

And that brings us to today...Friday (I think!). Les got his boat all up and running for taking to the lake this weekend, so he wanted to take it out for a test drive. So we headed into the city and put it in the river and went for a cruise.

And just like that we are saying good-bye to our family holidays -- well, I only go back to work on Tuesday so I have a few more days, but Les has to work this weekend...but luckily only for a few hours in the morning on weeends, so once he gets home from work tomorrow we are heading out to the lake once more. This time for an extended family gathering. The fun just keeps on going!!

Oh -- but before I are a few more miscellaneous pictures from our week:

Joelle discovered a new hairstyle. She one day asked me if I could put 3 little ponytails in her hair (and the next day she asked for 4) and this is what I came up with.

Malia absolutely loves her sunglasses. Normally they're supposed to stay in the van, but somehow they made their way inside so she wanted to wear them for breakfast one morning!!

And...our lawnmower finally came out of retirement this week!! It's been TWO YEARS since we (or should I say Les) have had to mow our lawn.

Have I mentioned how much I love having grass?!?!


ValleyGirl said...

Whew. What an exhausting looking week!! Obviously a lot of fun though, too. Great Tinkertown collage.

Tara said...

Looks like everyone had a blast!