Saturday, August 25, 2007

closing the book

It's time to finish off the encyclopedia of me. You know, when I was at "o" I was going to post "o is for over-and-out" and end it. I was feeling that doing this encylopedia was keeping me from posting things that I really wanted to post. I tend to post a lot, and I felt that by being forced to do one post a day with a letter of the alphabet, it was keeping me from posting other stuff 'cause I don't want to over-load my readers (any more than I already do!). But Les encouraged me to not quit something that I started, so here I still am. Thanks for sticking with me.

W is for Welcoming

I got a great welcoming to work yesterday. One of my sweet co-workers came up and gave me a giant hug. What a way to be greeted, especially when I rather wanted to be at home!!

X is for...well, let's face it -- x is really only for x-ray or xylophone. And since I have nothing to say about either of those things...

Y is for Youth

Ah...the memories of my youth. Living on a 3.5 acre yard, driving to Mexico (twice!) and getting to go to Disneyland, having many pets, back-to-school-shopping (I can smell it in the stores now, can you? Seriously, "back to school" has a certain smell...I love it!), piano lessons, track & field meets, playing on a baseball team, dressing up and making up dance routines to music with my sisters and cousin (and even forcing my little brother to dress up...). I could go on and on...but I won't!

Z is for Zippers

When I was pregnant and got to wear the nice panel pants, it was kinda nice to not have to worry about zippers. However -- towards the end of my pregnancies when I was ready for it to all be over, I couldn't wait to be able to wear a "normal" pair of pants with a zipper!! I love zippers.


Laane said...

Great alphabet.

I took a break from the encyclopedia of me. Will start again soon.

Jamie said...

I never tired of your encyclopedia, in fact, I'm surprised you've reached the end already! Even though I know the order the alphabet goes in :), it's over sooner than I thought. Good job sticking with it!