Tuesday, August 7, 2007

g is for grand forks

Les and I are in the midst of planning a weekend trip away to Grand Forks -- without the kids!! I even have put a ticker at the top of my blog to count down the days!! One month and counting!!

We are going away for our anniversary -- we will have been married for 6 years on September 8th. And, coincidentally, that is the exact weekend we are going away!! In fact, it's the only weekend in September that works for us. How perfect is that??

We went once before; when Joelle was just over a year old. And I've been wanting to go back ever since!! I can't wait to go shopping, relax in our hotel room -- we're even going to try to get a room with a jacuzzi tub in it -- and, of course, eat at Paradisio (without having to cut up food, blow it to proper temperatures and clean up messy faces and hands).

I can't wait!!!


ValleyGirl said...

Lucky bum.

Jamie said...

Yes, I just did a trip like that with my sister-in-law. Not overnight, but tons of fun shopping, finding deals, starting on Christmas shopping, and eating at restaurants without kids!!!

Pamela said...

Fun! I love grand forks!

Tara said...

Sounds like you'll have a great time! We are hoping to get back there soon as well!

Ruth said...

wow. sounds like FUN.
for you and your hun BUN.

Rebecca said...

w00t! I hope you have a great kid free weekend away! I must say I'm a little jealous but a weekend away would be impossible right now. We are planning a week vacation when he comes back from deployment though. Maybe I should start a ticker for that!