Thursday, August 16, 2007

grab your armour -- we're going into battle

I'd like to tell everybody a bit more about the little boy -- Jackson -- who has been on my "Who I'm Praying For" header for a few weeks now.

This 7 year old boy was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the end of July. A week later they removed the tumour and were waiting to see if it was cancerous or not. At the beginning of August, Jackson came down with a high fever and an infection (menengitis) -- possibly due to the contaminants during surgery.

The infection has since cleared and Jackson is at home -- however he is quite weak. Unfortunately the tumour is cancerous and there is still part of it in his brain because it was so close to the brain stem.

If all of this isn't bad enough -- Jackson's mom Connie is due with a baby next week Friday...the day Jackson starts his year-long chemo treatments. She actually went into pre-mature labour at 35 weeks when all of this started. Thankfully the contractions stopped and she was able to make it full-term. But having a newborn enter their lives at this particular time is going to add a lot more stress to their situation.

You know what blows me away with this whole story? When his mom was preparing him for the hard road ahead with chemo, Jackson said "God will take care of me." A simple statement full of love and trust for his creator. Amazing!

I would like to keep track of Jackson's progress throughout this whole experience. Something about this story has just struck a chord with me and I have felt led to really pray for this boy and his family. He is only a year older than my oldest neice -- and 3 years older than Joelle. To even picture my loved ones -- especially at such a young age -- having to go through something like this is heart-breaking.

So I want to help Jackson fight his cancer. How? With help from all of you who read my blog. I know you're out there, even if you don't comment. I am going to create something on my sidebar where I can track his situation and keep you all updated. Please keep checking that on a regular basis as I will be getting updates from Connie's cousin -- my friend Krista. With all of our prayers, we can help Jackson fight this horrible cancer that has invaded his body.

So -- grab your armour everybody...we're going into battle!!


ValleyGirl said...

I sometimes think if you're going to get a horrible disease like cancer, it's better to get it when you're young. I know that sounds horrible (and I certainly don't WISH that on anyone!), but seriously, as adults, we worry so much and project so much anguish on our future, which so often affects our outlook right from the beginning. Children only live for today. They don't care yet about tomorrow the way adults do, which is what makes 'simple faith' so natural for children. What a beautiful picture of what our faith should always look like. Will definitely keep this little guy in my prayers.

ValleyGirl said...

And his family too, since a child having a disease this ugly is much harder yet on the parents than on the child. And especially with a brand new baby yet too.