Thursday, August 2, 2007

honor your husband: wrappin' it up

Oops! I was supposed to do this on Monday -- but better late than never, right?
Anyway, for those of you who may be new to my blog, I have been participating in a 30-day-honor-your-husband-challenge which officially ended on Monday (click on the link above for all the details).
I'm really glad that I joined in on this challenge. I learned a lot and it was good to shower Les with a bit of extra love and attention. I really am hoping that the goals that I set for myself over the past 30 days will now turn into habits.
Some of the things that I tried to focus on this month were greeting him at the door after work, spending more quality time with him, working on things in the bedroom, praying for him, building him up with words and giving free foot massages. Some of these things I think I did fairly well on, and others still need some work.
And just because the official challenge has ended, doesn't mean that my efforts have to end with it. I can still give him a free foot massage in August, still pray for him in September, and still spend quality time with him in October (and beyond).
And so I shall....

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