Wednesday, August 22, 2007

the letters "t" and "u"

T is for Tired...

I am so tired. No...I am e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d. The months of July and August just wear me out. Probably another reason why I look forward to fall so much and things falling into more of a regular routine.

We have had several weekends away, different gatherings and parties to go to, family activities, etc. Most of it is fun stuff, but sometimes it gets hard to enjoy even fun activities when you're just so tired of going, going, going....and going some more.

The next THREE weekends are going to be busy as well (with even more busy-ness during the weekdays in between) and I am going to try really hard to enjoy them. I am glad that our last weekend away is our kid-free weekend in Grand Forks. What a way to end off the crazy relaxing just the two of us in a hotel with a jacuzzi tub! Ah...I can hardly wait.

T is for Toast

One of my weaknesses is toast. I absolutely L-O-V-E toast. (I could never give up carbs!!) I love it with Cheese Whiz on my morning break at work accompanied by a cup of hot tea. I love it with strawberry or raspberry jam when I'm having a big breakfast at a restaurant. I love it with sandwich fixin's. I even love it with brown sugar and cinnamon. Mmmm...toast! Excuse me for a moment -- I think I need to go and get something from the kitchen...

U is for Underwear

Maybe this is too much information for some of you...but I used to always match my underwear to the outfit that I was wearing that day. I know, silly...who's gonna know?? But still. I would refuse to wear red underwear with a pink shirt. Or even flowery underwear with a striped shirt. I think this all ended after Malia was born; I was too tired to even care. Now I pretty much only do it when I'm going to church or to a wedding or some special event.


Jamie said...

I really like toast too. It's Landon's favorite breakfast food so we have it every morning (it's easier for me to make the same thing for myself as he wants). I always have mine with my Mom's homemade strawberry jam!

That's very funny about your underwear. The thought of matching has sometimes crossed my mind because if you're not careful sometimes underwear shows when you bend over with the wrong kind of pants!

Louise said...

I LOVE toast too especially with homemade jam and I also go through peanut butter and honey phases and then of course the nutella which I don't allow myself too often.
Funny underwear story....that is too cute!! LOL