Thursday, August 9, 2007

movie review

When I posted about my date night with my hubby last week, I mentioned that I did not enjoy the movie that we had gone to see: "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry." I wasn't very vocal about just how much I disliked it when I wrote that because I was debating writing a more in-depth post about just how much I wanted to discourage people from going to see it. sister has done some of this for me! She has written a movie review on her blog and I stand behind everything that she wrote. So I figured I'd just link to her post and strongly advise you all to take a look at it.

It was a movie that looked funny on the previews -- and for the first part of it it actually was funny -- but it was very misleading as to what the movie was actually going to be about. I was expecting something completely different and I was very disappointed.

PLEASE -- check out Tammy's movie review and then make your own decision on it.

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