Monday, August 6, 2007

ready for more...??

Here are D, E, and F of my encyclopedia:

D is for Date Night
I can't believe I forgot to include this in my a week of saturdays post last Friday -- but after our outing to Fun Mountain with the kids, Les and I left the girls at his parents and went on a much needed DATE NIGHT!! I can't even remember the last time we had one of those. We went out for supper at Montana's...and keep in mind this was a Wednesday night so you know what that means -- ALL YOU CAN EAT RIBS (well, okay -- only Les had the ribs...I had chicken wings). After that we did a bit of shopping and I bought myself a new denim skirt -- hey, D is also for Denim skirt!! After that we went to see a movie, "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry." I didn't really enjoy the movie all that much, but since we used our air miles to get the tickets at least it was free...PLUS it came with free popcorn and two drinks (not like we really needed anything else after our huge meals...but being good Mennonites, we couldn't pass it up!).

E is for Evenings
I love my evenings. Once the kids are in bed, it's MY time to do what I want to do. I take this time to allow myself to sit on the couch and just veg out. Watch TV, be on the computer (usually both at the same time, since I have my laptop)...just r-e-l-a-x. I love spending time with my girls, but I really need that "down time" at the end of the day to unwind before going to bed. Evenings are my favorite time of the day!!

F is for Friday Night
I used to have an awesome Friday night tradition before I started dating Les. Every Friday night I would go to my friend Janice's place. We would start off by watching the newest episode of "Dawson's Creek." Then we'd head to the mall and either shop or go see a late movie followed by going out for coffee. We never missed a Friday and it's one of my favorite "single girl" memories. I'm all caught up! From now on I should only need to post one letter a day. And since the alphabet only contains 26 letter but August has 31 days, there's a bit of "elbow room" anyway.

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Jamie said...

I love evenings too! And I too just love to sit and veg on the couch, usually watching TV and being on the lap top!