Thursday, August 23, 2007

thursday thirteen {#2}

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My Thirteen Favorite TV Shows: (not in any particular order -- except for the first one!)

1. Friends - Star 9 This show has been my favorite for years and years. I even have the Friends trivia game -- but most people won't play it with me 'cause they think they won't even have a chance. I just love laughing along with this show. I have all 10 seasons on DVD and I watch them over and over and over again. I'll never get tired of this show! I was so sad when it ended

2. Two and a Half Men -- this comedy with Charlie Sheen is a riot. Les even went as Charlie's character to our TV-theme Halloween party last year...the button-up t-shirt, khaki shorts, socks (and he was going to wear loafers too, but he couldn't find any cheap enough at Value Village) and he had a TV remote control in his pocket.

3. The Ellen Degeneres Show -- this is who I went as for that theme party last year. She is pretty much the funniest person alive. At least in my opinion. There are times when I laugh so hard that I'm crying. I can't wait for her new season to start in fall.

4. American Idol -- American Idol I love singing, so watching this show (or the not-quite-as-high-quality Canadian Idol) is always a treat for me. I've dreamed of trying out for the Canadian version, but never got up the nerve to do it.

5. Las Vegas -- Craps I like this fast-paced show. It's different than most other shows out there.'s got Josh Dhumal on it!! How can you resist?

6. ER -- This one's getting to be an oldie, but I still like it. I like being familiar with a lot of the characters who have been on the show for years and years.
7. CSI -- I know there are 3 different CSI shows out there right now...but the original is by far my favorite. It gets pretty greusome at times, and some of the story lines are really hard to watch (especially the ones that involve children), but it's interesting watching how they solve these crimes and bring people to justice.
8. The Price is Right -- So sad that Bob Barker will not be hosting this show anymore. I hear Drew Carey is going to be taking his will just not be the same. As far as I'm concerned -- without Bob Barker, there is no Price is Right!!
(funny story: when I was at home with Joelle on mat leave, we would watch this show every morning. One of Joelle's first sentences was "Come on Down!" She didn't care about watching kid's cartoons...she only sat still for this show)
9. Beverly Hills 90210 -- Wow, what a blast from the past!! I loved watching this show when I was a teenager. Luke and Kelly, David and Donna...the peach pit.
10. Dawson's Creek -- This was a favorite for sure when I was in high school and even beyond. I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I had a Friday night tradition when I was living the single life...part of it included watching the newest episode of Dawson's Creek with one of my best friends.
11. So You Think You Can Dance -- I wish I was a good dancer like the people who grace that stage. But even though I know nothing about technique and all of that...I can still watch and be entertained.
12. King of Queens -- the relationship between Doug & Carrie on this show is just hilarious. I love the sarcasm.
13. Growing Pains -- I would still watch this show today if it was still on. I really enjoyed this show -- especially the episodes that Leonardo DiCaprio was on. I was his biggest fan back then...before he even got famous. I knew he had a star quality and look at him now!!


WendyWings said...

I am loving ER right now ( well waiting for the new stuff) because Stanley Tucci is on it and he is a friend lol.
Great list, Friends never gets old does it no matter how many times you have seen the episodes.
Happy TT

Amy said...

We like lots of the same shows!!! =) I LOVE friends, also have the trivia game and all 10 seasons on dvd. I also LOVE the price is right and even got in the audience!! I also have THAT dvd game. I loved dawson's creek and I think Ellen is AWESOME!! Next time I am in LA, I want to see her show.

Gloria said...

hey Andrea. yeah, the red was a bit much, even for me...

I used a freeware photo editor called IrfanView 4.0 to create a panoramic photo using 4 seperate photos. Then you have to size it to approx 909 x 264 pixels in order for it to fit in your header (in mine anyway).

You can email me some pics to do the same for you, or toss me an email and I can give you the website and some more details on how to do it.

Malcolm: said...

Back in the day, me and a friend used to watch 90210 and Melrose Place when they came on back-to-back on Wednesday nights on FOX. Man that takes me back.

ancsweetnsassygal said...

I love Friends too. I'm not much into the reality or contests shows except for Dancing With the Stars. I did love Gilmore Girls and now it has ended too. Great TT list. Happy Friday!