Monday, August 27, 2007

the well is dry

I haven't posted since Saturday morning. To some people that's nothing; they take longer than that to update their blogs on a regular basis. But not me -- except for if I'm on a weekend holiday or something. Otherwise I post every day (at least once) with very few exceptions.

But right now I'm experiencing something new in my almost 4-month blogging history. Writer's block. What should I write about? What do I want to write about? What are my faithful readers going to want to read about?

And sometimes I even question why. Why am I doing this anyway? Why am I posting my life on the internet for the whole world to see? Even as I write this post, I'm having a difficult time.

I guess I'm starting to feel a bit vulnerable. A bit (or a lot) insecure. Are people bored by what they read? Do they come back the next day hoping for something better but then leave disappointed time and time again?

I'm not trying to have a pity-party. I'm not looking for sympathy comments. But since this is my outlet; my on-line journal (minus the really personal, nitty-gritty stuff...that stuff gets saved for a few select people), I wanted to voice this.

Some people take blogging breaks...where they have a set time where they stop blogging, for one reason or another. I don't think I'm quite ready to do that at this point. But I may be more selective in what I write about; may take longer breaks in between posts.

I think part of all of this is due to things going on around me. You know...just "stuff." I think it's making me melancholy or something. Distracting me.

I don't know...maybe by tomorrow things will all be back to normal. Or maybe it will take weeks or even months. But for now, my friends...the well is dry.


andrea said...

seeing as though for years we have talked each day, i can recall days that we had nothing to say. it's normal... God has blessed you with health and family that loves you. take these still moments(precious few)when you can, life can make us busy. maybe in this stillness, God is whispering b/c you are listening.

Anonymous said...

I often think the same, I feel that I am boring and that nobody would want to read about it. I have been very close to quiting and just reading other peoples blogs, but have not yet. Who knows what tommorow will bring. I do enjoy reading your blog, and you are not boring!

Ruth said...

ahhh yes. i can relate andrea. i OFTEN have those thoughts...
WHY am i doing this. its good to ask and then wait until you hear an answer.....

sometimes i think its a seasonal thing (blogging) and for me i know during this season it is something i am to invest in...but that doesnt mean i'll always blog.

often - i am left with nothing to blog about and then i do exactly what you have done. just wait.

isaiah talks about it this way, "they that wait upon the Lord shall RENEW their strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles..."

enjoy this season of rest .....however long it is.

shalom and love, roo

Jamie said...

Do what you feel you have to do--but I would really miss your blog!!! I love reading your thoughts and seeing all your pictures, I truly do!

Pamela said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and getting to know you better! I'll be reading whatever you write, lol!

Gloria said...

I get you sister. I almost blogged this EXACT thing yesterday, but I couldn't find the inspiration to tell people that I am uninspired!

I say we blame it on the readers for not giving enough positive feedback, it's like not congratulating your puppy for peeing outside so they figure, "what's the use going through the effort".

Andrea said...

Ah, my faithful commenters -- I love you all!

Thanks so much for the support.

Part of me is itching to post something, but WHAT?? is still the question.

Maybe soon though...??

Cindy said...

I love reading your blog Andrea...I think it's funny, sweet and inspirational...I often have tears in my eyes and my heart is filled with joy when I read some of your posts - I always leave your blog feeling good, positive and're a great writer and I always find your posts interesting, no matter what the's been nice to get to know you better through your blog posts...unfortunately life is busy and it's hard to stay in touch on a regular basis...I've learned things about you though your blog that I probably wouldn't have otherwise...I admire you for having the confidence to keep this online journal, and I always look forward to reading have some very valuable things to share, and I think you're doing an awesome job...