Friday, September 28, 2007

"clean up on aisle four"

Yesterday Joelle wanted to play with her toy cash register (which she calls a "calculator").

We had to dig it out from a box in the basement, as it had been awhile since it had been played with and we weren't sure where it was located anymore.

Once we found it, Joelle was questioning what the orange thing was on the side of it.
She has asked about this in the past, so I just reminded her that it was a little speaker.
"What do you say in it?" she wanted to know.
I suggested to her that she could say "Clean up on aisle four."
She thought that was silly and didn't say it.

She just played with it without using the "orange thing." Then all of a sudden, I hear her yelling into the speaker. "Hey! You need to clean up! Can you hear me? It's time to clean up the aisle!"

I guess that's another way to say it.....


Ruth said...

walmart could sure use some help from joelle :)

Jenn said...

That is SO funny!