Monday, September 3, 2007

the healing power of a band-aid

Joelle is addicted to band-aids. Seriously. She thinks it heals any ailment she has had the misfortune to come in contact with.

A teeny-tiny-hard-to-see-with-the-naked-eye scratch. A bump from stubbing her toe. A hang-nail. An invisible mark from being barely touched from Malia. A non-existant bruise from an apparant fall. And of course the relevant scrapes from falling off her bike.

You name it -- a band-aid is what gets requested.

"Mom...can I have a band-aid?"
"Dad...I have an owie, can I get a band-aid?"
"Mom..I need another band-aid."

We try to tell her that a band-aid only needs to get used when she actually has an owie that is bleeding. That a band-aid doesn't really help a stubbed toe or a bruised knee. But that doesn't matter to her (and quite honestly, it's not worth the fight -- so we go through A LOT of band-aids in this house...) and once she applies the band-aid to her oh-so-painful-owie, she is immediately good to go and scampers off to continue what she was doing before the "incident" ocurred.

To her, a band-aid is the cure-all solution. It instantly relieves any pain or discomfort that she was feeling (genuine, or made-up). She relies on this product to provide her with much-needed healing power. She feels instant comfort. She feels safe and ready to continue on her journey of being a kid.

Does this remind you of anything? Can you draw any parallels to this story? Here's a clue: the band-aid is Jesus.

How often do I immediately run to Jesus for healing power? Other people may think that what I'm struggling with is a teeny-tiny-hard-to-see-with-the-naked-eye problem, or that it's an imaginary "bruise." Or that if it's not "bleeding" (a huge, major life-shattering situation) I don't need to go to Jesus for support and healing.

How wrong is that?

Going to Jesus may not completely heal whatever "ailment" is plaguing me -- but immediately after asking Him to wrap His arms around my weary soul -- just like Joelle after immediately applying the band-aid -- I am filled with a sense of healing. Of comfort. I now can go on and face the rest of my day. I can continue on in my journey.

That's the healing power of a band-aid.


ValleyGirl said...

Too true.

Anonymous said...

How awesome are His arms holding that is a band-aid. Now if only I could learn how to forgive and forget like children do. We can sure learn a lot from watching our kids... and yours are so adorable!!!

andrea said...

oops! i don't remember having such cool band-aids like my kids. i dread that aisle, in advance i tell my kids "only one box. i'm only buying one box" i suppose it's better than candy though.
Your ticker is almost there, kid free no band-aid weekend!!!love,
an( i left the last message)

Pamela said...

Psst.... dollarama has a big box of bandaids for only $1.00..we went through the bandaid phase too...and we're still on the ice pack stage, lol!

Erin said...

Good post! And don't worry, it's a phase every 3-4 year old has to go through, apparently.

Jamie said...

Yes, band-aids are a cure-all. So far Landon knows he only gets them on bleeding owies (unless we're at Grandma and Grandpa's!) And great parallel! I don't know if I've ever thought of Jesus and band-aids that way before!

By the way, I noticed your ticker--two days and you're gone! Have a great time!

Jenn said...

I love how you drew the parallel to Jesus here. You're a very good writer.