Thursday, September 20, 2007

joelle's birthday part II

Who would've thought that Joelle turning 4 would be so emotional?? And I'm not even talking about ME!! Joelle had a few different feelings about her new age.
For most of the day, it was all very exciting (and like I mentioned in the previous post, "I'm 4 now" was a common phrase). She got excited when she received phone calls -- you should've seen her eyes light up when the phone was for HER!! ("Lots of people phoned me today," she said with a twinkle in her eye when the day came to an end -- thanks to those of you who called. You definitely made her feel extra special).
She was also very proud of being 4. When her and Les went to wake Malia up from her nap, Joelle sauntered into her bedroom saying in a sing-songy voice "Malia -- it's your birthday girl!" She also used the phrase "I'm 4 now so I can do it by myself" several times today.
But then there was a sudden breakdown shortly before making an outing for special slurpees. She was already upset about something and then started crying and crying and crying. I pulled her into my lap and asked her what was wrong. Her reply? "I (sniff, sniff) just want to be (sob!) 3..." And then a few moments later when Les asked her the same question..."I don't want to (waaaaahhhhh!) be 4 anymore."
Man, if she has this much trouble turning 4 -- how is she going to feel about 30??
I wasn't sure weather to laugh or cry when she made these comments. The bigger part of me wanted to laugh -- 'cause really...who has ever heard of someone being upset that they're not 3 years old anymore? But the way her shoulders were heaving with her sobs...I tell ya, it was actually almost heartbreaking to watch her that upset about it.
Thankfully we had promised the girls slurpees today, so we managed to distract Joelle from her "old age" and by the time we came home, she was back to being thrilled about being 4 years old again (phew!).
Here are some highlights from the special day:
I had wanted to do something different this year for cakes, but Joelle insisted on having a pink butterfly cake like Malia had last year. So of course that is what the birthday girl got. The whole family was in on making this masterpiece (even Les, although he didn't make it into any of the pictures...oops!). I think it turned out pretty well.

And of course here's the birthday girl blowing out her FOUR candles!

Next was presents. She was "ho-hum" about the clothes, but she fell instantly in love with her new purple bedding. Look at her hugging the sheets!!

Of course we had to right away set it all up in her bed. Looks cozy!!

When I asked her right before bed what her highlight of the day was, she said "Having Hannah (her cousin) sing Happy Birthday to me over the phone."

It was a fun evening and now my big girl and her little sister are fast asleep. And in 11 days we get to do it all over again!!!


Rebecca said...

Aw, sweet! Happy birthday to your big little 4 year old! Thank you for the encouraging comments you have left on my blog. Have fun planning the next birthday. My sister's birthday & mine are 11 days apart in the same month so we often had combined birthday celebrations - my mom liked it better that way.

ValleyGirl said...

Wow, good thing we remembered to call!!! Looks like you had a great day. Nice cake -- you're so much more ambitious than I am!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th birthday Joelle, hope you had a super duper day!

Louise said...

Ahhhh what a cutie!!
LOVE THE CAKE!! It looks yummy!
The bedding is so cute, they look so comfy cozy!

Ruth said...

happy happy birthday to sweet joelle! i hope her and shiloh get chances to play together in the near future. :) :)

LOVE your cake...i was thinking of making shi-fry a butterfly for her yours!

andrea said...

i can't believe that she's already four. have fun celebrating. isn't it so awesome to watch a party from the eyes of a child...the joy, and the smiles bring tears to the my eyes. as emotions will be all over on her big day, she'll grow to love being four...i promise! how are you coping with such a milestone?love you

Erin said...

When did she get a bed? Awesome bedding. And what a great cake.