Wednesday, September 5, 2007

the ULTIMATE weather man

Do you hate it when weather forecasts are W-R-O-N-G-?-? Does it drive you nuts when the forecast 3 days down the road changes 3 or 4 times? It's inconvenient. It's frustrating. Can't those weather forecasters get anything right? How are we supposed to plan summer outings if everytime we check the weather it's different than the last time???

Yesterday on my way home from work I heard them talk about the long-term forecast based on the farmer's almanac. We are apparantly in for a warm, dry fall. But that's the good news, they said. The bad news -- don't hate me, I'm just the messenger -- is that snow is expected before the month is over. That's right -- snow in September. Crazy, hey? We are also expected to be hit with a few heavy blizzards in January and February (but what else is new?), followed by a wet, cool spring and a hot, dry summer.

I just never get that. How could they possibly even know that? I know there's a lot of science involved and all that -- but seriously. They can't even get the day-to-day forecasts right -- what makes them think that they can predict a whole year??

I had a good chuckle last Thursday afternoon. We were having a pleasant afternoon (weather-wise) when all of a sudden it started pouring. The sky just opened up and we were hit with a down-pour of all down-pours. It was quite windy too and the rain was just driving against the windows. Les was standing outside on the front porch getting hit with the wind and rain and when I went to poke my head out of the door to feel what it was like, I barely touched the door knob before the wind pushed it open the rest of the way.

Hmmm.....I thought to myself. Maybe I'll quickly look on-line and see if there's any severe weather watches or anything (I am easily panicked when it comes to sudden weather changes -- especially lately). So I logged on to my computer and looked up my town on the weather network. Well, wouldn't you know it...under "Current Conditions" it said that it was 20 degrees and partly cloudy. PARTLY CLOUDY??? Are you kidding me?? There was no blue sky in sight. It was all cloud. And then do you know what else it said? It said -- and I quote -- "We expect no precipitation from Thursday afternoon to Friday morning."

WHAT?!? You've got to be joking. What kind of a weather site is that? Such extreme opposites from what they were saying was going to happen and what was actually happening.

Part of me dislikes the inaccuracy of the weather forecasts. Especially when it comes to big storms. I like to be prepared and know what is going to happen in case we need to take the necessary precautions. It also makes a huge difference if you're planning a trip to an outdoor waterpark or something.

But another part of me LOVES it when they're wrong. You know why? Because that still proves to me that GOD is in control. People can predict the weather all they want -- but in a split second it can all change. It's like God is trying to remind us that we shouldn't put Him in a box. That He isn't predictable. We don't always k-n-o-w what is going to happen. He is the one who has the ultimate power. He is the One who controls the weather. He is "Mother Nature."

So when they are forecasting sunny skies and you are suddenly hit with rain showers, or when the forecast calls for a clear day in December and along comes a blizzard -- rather than get frustrated with the inaccurate weather report once again, look up towards the skies and thank God for showing that HE is in control.

The ULTIMATE weather man.


Ruth said...

love this post andrea. brian is a weather fanatic. seriously,he is HILARIOUS. i have been known to wake at 3am and find himdialing the weather channel on his cell phone!!!! :)

Jamie said...

Andrea--what wonderful wisdom! I've never thought of my frustrations with the weather man in terms of joy that God is almighty. Thanks! I'm sure I will recall this post next time the weather surprises us.

(By the way, I totally agree: I'm befuddled too at how they can predict weather until next summer!)