Wednesday, September 12, 2007

wordless wednesday *updated*

Wordless Wednesday

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As requested, here's the background picture from the above collage standing all on its own.
I wish the camera captured this sky in its entire beauty -- it truly was breathtaking
and this picture doesn't do it justice!


Margarita said...

Very Pretty

Amy said...

I bet that was amazing in person!

Mine's up, stop by for a visit!

jennyr said...

cooL! nice colors!

ValleyGirl said...

Ahhh, I love rainbows. I love anything sky-related, but you know that. Are you going to post the pictures individually? The background picture hints at a very beautiful photo -- I'd love to see the whole view.

Erin said...

I guess that was the amazing rainbow I missed. Wow.

Andrea said...

erin - yep, that's the one! (the pink sky picture in the background though is from last Thursday)

valleygirl - sure, i'll post the background picture on its own...coming right up!

ValleyGirl said...

It's funny, even though you know what the sky really looked like that day and the picture isn't as spectacular as you remember it, it's beautiful! What incredible colours!