Monday, October 29, 2007

the cutest little bunny you ever did see

Joelle had a costume party for pre-school this morning; she went as a bunny. But not just any the cutest little bunny you ever did see!!

She ended up ditching the tail I made last-minute (kleenex stuffed inside a zip-loc bag), but she kept her ears on all morning and loved her whiskers.

There will be more dress-up pictures after Wednesday's trick-or-treating but chances are, she'll be wearing her winter parka over her clothes so she won't even bother wearing the outfit, other than from the neck up.

Malia, on the other hand, has a costume she can wear over her winter clothes...stay tuned to see what it will be!


Pam said...

she is the cutest bunny ever! Can't wait to see the pictures after Wednesday!

Ruth said...

definitely the cutest bunny i ever did see.

WorksForMom said...

THAT really is a cute bunny! I love the tail (even if she couldn't wear it - that is SO CLEVER)! I especially love that adorable little smile she is sporting.

Melanie said...

She is ADORABLE!! Can't wait to see more pictures of the cuties.

Rebecca said...

How cute!

The Heppner's said...

So cute! I love the ears. I can hardly wait to see Malia's costume!