Monday, October 1, 2007

my feisty two-year-old

Well, here she is folks -- my TWO YEAR OLD!! The day is finally here. After one party for Joelle and THREE joint parties, today is finall ALL ABOUT HER!! (good thing she's still too young to know or care about any of this!)

When Malia was born, I was totally expecting to have a boy presented to me on my chest. My dream was always to have two little girls, but I figured what are the chances of that actually coming true? Sure enough -- I once again heard the wonderful words, "It's a girl!" and my chest heaved with joyful sobs once again.

When Malia was first born, I thought she was going to be my "princess." You know -- my quiet, content, need-to-be-clean little girl. I just SAW that about her. She would be my indoor-companion when Les and Joelle wanted to be outside.

Turns out -- I couldn't have been more wrong! Quiet? HA! Content? Well... and Clean? HARDLY!! Malia definitely surprised me with how she has changed since her early months. If I thought Joelle was a struggle with her stubbornness, mood swings, etc.....well, I hadn't seen nothin' yet! Malia is definitely proving to be a HUGE challenge.

But at the same time, she is the sweetest little girl. When she gives hugs, her arms enthusiastically wrap around my neck and she gives the tightest little squeeze. And when she laughs -- her head gets thrown back as the giggles rise up in her throat. She puts "umph" in everything that she does. She is my little fireball; my feisty two-year-old.

And I love her with all of my heart.

Happy Birthday my Little Miss Malia. I pray that with the Lord's wisdom and guidance, we will be able to raise her up to be a strong Christian woman with patience, independence, love and kindness pouring out of her. I'm so proud to be the mother to this precious little treasure.

(Malia at 5 months)


pamj said...

Happy Birthday Malia!! Give her a big bday kiss from T and J.

andrea said...

have fun celebrating Malia's 2nd birthday! i remember when you called to tell me about your new baby...i just loved her name! She is so beautiful. God has blessed you with two amazing girls! party on!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweetie!

Jamie said...

She really is SOOO cute! I love those 3 pictures!

Jamie said...

Sorry--I meant the ones at the top of the post! Although the baby ones are precious too! She looks quite different!