Thursday, October 11, 2007

my two week challenge

Think about your biggest weakness...come on, are you thinking about it? Close your eyes and imagine yourself indulging in this particular weakness. Enjoyable, isn't it? Now imagine yourself going without it for two weeks.

That's where I am right now.

I am attempting to do what I used to think was impossible. I am choosing to go without Pepsi for two weeks.

Why? Because it's so terribly bad for me, but I just can't seem to get enough. It also probably has a lot to do with some of my weight gain over the last few years. So I decided to try and cut it out of my life...for two weeks. I picked two weeks because it's not an unreasonable amount of time. If I would've picked a month or more, there's no way I would've succeeded. That would've just been pure torture. And then, chances are, I'd get too discouraged and end up on a Pepsi binge. But two weeks is also long enough that I may notice a difference in my weight...maybe. And if not, at least I'll know that I can do it.

The plan is to do this off and on over the next while. Go on a two week hiatus, then indulge in it a few times here and there before withdrawing from it again. This is actually my third attempt since Saturday, believe it or not! I "fell off the wagon" twice already (this is not going to be easy!). So I figured I'd better quickly publish it on my blog; maybe then I would be better at sticking with it.

So, starting today -- my body will be Pepsi-free for two weeks. That means that on Friday, October 26 I'll be cracking open a can and savouring every. single. drop. Ahhh................


ValleyGirl said...

Good luck! I just went for about that long without pop (but only because I kept forgetting to put it on my grocery list) and today, when I finally remembered, I had TWO this afternoon! The plan is to ration it a little better in the future though... ;)

Pamela said... weakness too! I try to give up something for lent every year so that I can be reminded of God's sacrifice for us and it is usually pop that I choose to give up. Going without it really heightens the Easter season for me. Good luck in the next two weeks!

Sheldon said...

Good Luck.

Let me try and do that as well, but I'll start tomorrow:) j/k

The biggest thing for me is that as soon as I have a drop again, it's back to the same old, same old again.

Good Luck.

Gloria said...

ooooh, good luck.

Amanda said...

Good Luck!

andrea said...

how about you stay away from pepsi and i'll stop grazing on milk chocolate choc. chips...wait...i just need to think this thru...k,i'll go off all chocolate( except for Kris' b-day cake!) Yikes! what am i thinking...maybe i'm not...but if i can do can you!!! :)go girl!

Bailey said...

Love the Pepsi, but can't drink it after 11 a.m. (and *shouldn't* be drinking it in the morning!).
I guess I'm getting too old to have caffeine beyond lunch. *sigh*

The Heppner's said...

Oh Andrea. I'll be praying for you. Two weeks is a good goal. I hope you have success and that you feel it in your body. Go girl go!!

jackie said...

You go girl-friend! I know that's a REAL challenge for my pepsi-loving friend! (check out my comment on the girls new little kitchen post!). We need to get together soon! I have to tell you something!!!!