Thursday, October 4, 2007

our little schoolgirl

I know we're a little late, but...Joelle will be starting school IN ELEVEN SLEEPS!!

In spring when it was time to register for preschool, we weren't quite sure what to do. First of all, we had no idea what my work schedule would be like in fall. Also, Joelle was NOT interested in going. Plus -- I just didn't think she would be ready for something like this.

But lately she has been talking about it on several occasions. Several of her neighborhood friends are in pre-school once a week, and she has been expressing interest in going.
So...after talking about it with Les yesterday afternoon, I made a few phone calls and found out that they had openings on Mondays. Not the greatest day since the weekends are often busy with some late nights, but it will do. She will be going every Monday morning from 9:00-11:30 and she is so excited about it.

We made sure she realized that she wouldn't be in the same class as any of her friends -- but that she would get to make lots of NEW friends -- and that she knew that Mommy wouldn't be staying with her; just dropping her off and picking her up. When I told her where she would be going for pre-school (at the place with the playground where we often take the kids), she said "That's so close, I won't even miss you!!" while jumping up and down with excitement (we'll see).

I feel nervous about this new adventure (although I have 11 days to prepare for it -- she can't go this coming Monday due to it being Thanksgiving), but at the same time I feel completely at peace with it. Lately I have been really distraught (for lack of a better word) thinking about Joelle going to kindergarden next year. Putting her on the bus, sending her off all by herself, EVERY DAY of the week in the afternoons to a class full of kids & teachers she doesn't know. With her shy & sensitive demeanor, I've been terrified with how she would do with that huge transition. I'm sure a lot of mothers (if not all of them) have reservations about sending their kids off to kindergarden and understand how I feel.

But now with her heading off to pre-school one morning a week, I feel better about it. Especially since she seems so excited about it and we're not forcing her to go. I feel it will make a much smoother and easier transition into kindergarden. I feel this experience will be extremely positive for her and that she will develop more self-confidence and be more prepared for next year.

I'm excited about this, even though it feels like such a HUGE step. My little girl is going to school!!! I need to go shopping for her and get her a backack, some indoor shoes...sheesh, this is opening doors to a whole new world for me!!


Louise said...

SOO exciting, she is going to LOVE it!!!

Erin said...

Wow, that's going to be great for her. And you! She'll be fine. But talk about hardly any time to adjust to that thought, hey? Good luck.

Anonymous said...

That is great, she will have so much fun. And I agree the adjustment to kindergarten will be much easier!

Gloria said...


Rebecca said...

I love that collage of photos of your daughter - so pretty! Good luck with preschool, I'm sure it will be great for both of you!

The Heppner's said...

Wow! That's really exciting. You are going to be so glad that you sent her. Our kids have had a blast in preschool.

Melanie said...

A big step for both of you. I'm sure she'll love it!