Thursday, October 25, 2007 last

At shortly before 6:00pm, the moment I have been waiting for (for TWO WEEKS) finally arrived.
I cracked open my Pepsi -- what a sweet sound -- and tasted my first precious sip in 14 days.

The feeling of this delicious liquid sliding down my throat was magnificent. The smell of it reached my nose and delighted my senses.
And my reaction after taking this long-awaited first sip? See picture below!

Here I am in all my dorky giddy glory.
I was so happy, my cheeks look like they're going to burst wide open!

I didn't rush it. I took my time and savoured every. last. drop.


Pam said...

Yeah! You made it! I can only imagine how wonderful it tasted! Similar to that first night of sleep after being sleep deprived for so long. So glad you and your Pepsi were reunited!

Rebecca said...

That made me want a Pepsi and I don't drink them regularly. I bet that tasted great, looks like it did! Good job on making it the full two weeks.

Sharon said...

Girl you are so funny!
But although I am not quite as "addicted" as you are--I feel the same way about diet coke after we have been away for awhile.
LOVE the pictures.
For some reason you remind me of Chonda Pierce?-the christian comedian.
I am glad you had a happy moment with your Pepsi. ;)

WorksForMom said...

WOO HOO! This was so HI~LARIOUS! I can actually TASTE it from over here!

Melanie said...

I'm so glad you were able to enjoy your Pepsi! You made it 2 weeks! Yeah!!

Leeann said...

You are hilarious!