Friday, October 12, 2007

when joelle grows up...

The other day when I was driving in town with the girls, we passed the high school and Joelle asked if that was where I went to school when I was her age. I explained to her that I went to the high school when I was older, but first I went to the school where the playground is; the school where she will start pre-school (on Monday...YIKES!). I told her that she would first go to that school until grade 6 and then for grades 7-12 she would go to the high school (provided this is where we will still be living, of course).

"And grade thirteen?" she asked.

"No," I replied to her. "After grade 12 you will graduate and either go to college, university, bible school or just get a job."

"Or become a Mommy just like you!" she proudly exclaimed.

Although I hope she won't become a Mommy right after high school, it's sweet that she already has an aspiration for that! And she already has a knack for it, too. Here she is rocking and cuddling with a baby she made out of play-doh tonight (actually, it's a baby in a crib with a blanket over top AND the Mommy's head on top...hey, I didn't say she would be a good artist, I said she'll make a good Mommy!)

It got me thinking though. What will Joelle be when she grows up? Maybe a hairdresser. She often has fun "styling" Malia's hair when they're in the bathtub (the picture of her scooping water over Malia's hair is actually her applying hair spray).

Or she could be one of these many things shown below...a photographer (she took that picture of the mum's herself), a chef, a stunt double, a fashionista, a waitress, an acrobat, a pro golfer, a pro cycler, or a vet. The options are endless...

Whatever she chooses to pursue when she grows up, I just pray that she is HAPPY and that she is pleasing the Lord.

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Melanie said...

As long as she lives for Jesus and is happy! The rest doesn't really matter.

I have an award for you over at my blog. I posted about 4 different awards at once, so make sure you scroll through to see which one I picked for you.