Monday, October 15, 2007

winter "activity menu" challenge

Okay everybody -- it's that time! It's time to post about your Winter "Activity Menu." For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, click on the button or the link above to bring you to my original post about this for the details.

For those of you who do know what I'm talking about...please leave the link to your post in the comments section so others can visit and check out your ideas. I'm really looking forward to reading everybody's posts and I'm excited about the level of participation that I have received (especially my few last-minute participants!!). I wanted a minimum of 10 participants...if everybody who signed up actually does it, we may just reach that number! That's exciting!!

And it's not too late, you know. If you didn't officially "sign up" a month ago (or yesterday as some people did), you can still feel free to join. I encourage you all to come up with your own ideas (even if you don't post them) to help you and your family get through the long winter months.

I know I posted most of my own activity menu back on my original post, but here's a re-cap:

The following Family Activities One day a week:
1. have fun playing in the snow: making snow angles, snowmen, going toboganning, having snow ball fights, etc.
2. have a baking night: store the goodies in the freezer for Christmas parties and gatherings, or bring the baked goods to friends and neighbours
3. have a craft night: come up with creative crafts to make together with the kids
4. have company over (well, okay -- this might only happen once every other week): if you want to be on the guest list, LET ME KNOW!!
5. go on an (indoor) outing: this could include visiting friends (let me know if you want to be on that list too!), going to an indoor swimming pool or the Children's Museum
6. have a dance party: put on some positive, uplifting tunes and dance with the girls around the living room, stopping for breaks in between to read stories or indulge in some of our previously made baking!

The following ME-time activities that I want to get accomplished this winter:
1. Crochet 4 baby blankets (sorry, you can't get on this list -- they're already all spoken for!)
2. Update the girls' baby books/jourals
3. Update our photo albums complete with journaling
4. Organize my house! It always seems so overwhelming, but if I break it down to one room at a time (or one section, like the front entrance closet or my junk drawer -- right Rebecca??) it should be a lot more manageable.
5. Excercise on a regular basis -- not only to drop a few pounds (hopefully!) but what better way to stay positive and healthy throughout the dreary months!

Remember that your ideas don't need to be written in stone. Feel free to shuffle things around accordingly. Just keep these as guidelines to help get you into gear!

**Once the long winter months have eventually subsided, I'd love to hear updates on how you all did with your activity menus. I'm setting up March 15, 2008 as "Share Your Menu Results" day (by then the days will at least be getting longer even if the snow hasn't totally disappeared!). I will set up a ticker on my sidebar for my regular readers, and for everybody else who leaves their links on this post, I'll send you a remider when that day draws near.**


Andrea said...

The following ladies have emailed me their links (or left them in the comments on the original post) so I thought I'd put them in a comment here for you all to check out:

Pam @

Sandy @

Ruth said...

very cool. i like your ideas and i love it that you have come up with this "activity menu" idea. winter is long and it wasn't so long ago that i can recall climbing the walls of my little home hoping for spring to come back again.

while i don't have a post to add -- i will be checking out the links you provide. i am -- what you could label "scheduling challenged". i have discovered that i work better at the "spur of the moment" planning technique.

BUT my one big hope and plan this long cold winter is to make PET ROCKS! :) i got a bunch of big rocks sitting in my garage and i want to paint them and make them into animals. yes i do! and yes i will.

i need a lady bug, a bumble bee, a butterfly, maybe a spider.....i will make as many bugs until my rocks run out. i'm hoping to put them in my flower garden next spring. it makes me smile even to think about it.


ValleyGirl said...

Mines up here.

Gloria said...

Totally off topic, but Happy First Day of Preschool Joelle!

Melanie said...

My post is finally up. What about adding Mr. Linky for everyone to sign to make it easier to see everyone else's posts? Just an idea.

How was Joelle's first day of preschool? And, how did YOU do on her first day?

Pamela said...

Great ideas! I look forward to reading about the updates too!