Monday, November 5, 2007

getting into the Christmas spirit

This is what we woke up to this morning: a light blanket of clean, white snow covering our yard.

My first reaction was an inward groan followed by thoughts of "Oh, we go!"

But when I told Joelle to peek out the window and saw her reaction to it ~ with wide eyes and a huge smile saying "Oh, mommy...I l-o-v-e snow!" ~ I started to see it differently.

Basically what it comes down to is that we have no control over the weather. If it's going to snow, it's going to snow. So rather than be discouraged about it, I'm choosing to appreciate the beauty of it.

Not to say that I will never have moments where I'm sick and tired of the snow ~ and not to say that I'm not glad that there are only a few small traces of it left on the ground by now ~ but I want to use this sign of winter being around the corner to start getting into the Christmas spirit.

I used to be H-U-G-E into Christmas. In fact, immediately following Thanksgiving (CANADIAN Thanksgiving, which is in early October) is when I would pull out my Christmas music. Over the last couple of years that date has gotten later and later...I'm already a month passed my regular time of listening to it and my CD's have yet to be played. I want to change that this week.

I also used to wear Christmas socks starting at the first snowfall of the year. I probably had close to a dozen pairs. Now I have thrown out all but one pair (most of them had holes in them or just were too cheesy to actually wear anymore) and I usually only wear them on Christmas day.

So why have things changed? Why do I no longer put my music on in October and wear my holiday socks as soon as they come out of the dryer again and again?

I don't have the answers to that.

But I am going to do what I can to make this Christmas special. I want to s-a-v-o-u-r every moment of this beautiful Christmas season. It is, afterall, the most important birthday of all time ~ why not give it the celebration that it deserves?


ValleyGirl said...

The snow and cold I could still do without, but I'm all for a nice long Christmas season!

Melanie said...

We are supposed to get some snow tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. Christmas? Now that I am excited about.

andrea said...

Get those socks on cuz there's a party to celebrate.I'm going to make my Christmas baking ingredient list today. oh, i love Christmas baking when the snow is falling and Kris just loves the baking. :)
Just think of all the memories your girls will have when they grow up about Christmas.( I just had a crazy thought...I still can't believe that we are both are moms. Wow!)

amy said...

another great post..Feel free to join my Christmas card exchange!!!!

I want snow!

Pam said...

Wow- snow already! I thought we got lots of snow...but I guess not! I'm going to have to borrow some of your holiday spirit so I don't end up the scrooge this year!

The Heppner's said...

I can't believe that you only have one pair of Christmas socks. That's awful! Do Joelle and Malia have a pair? They need to get in on the tradition.

Regina said...

WOW, snow! My daugter and my son both told me that we are supposed to get some snow tomorrow. I have to check out the news to find out how much. Snow means, higher heating bills, plastic on the windows (which I have yet to tell my son to do, won't he be excited...), cold damp weather, arthritic knee flare ups (note to self by more Aleve...) but snow also means CHRISTMAS!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! The ultimate birthday party!! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!Charlie Brown Christmas, Nutcracker ballet, Griswald Christmas.
Sorry, I got a little carried away, I forgot what I was supposed to be commenting on... oh yes, snow! Better get those socks!

Pamela said...

1 pair of Christmas socks!!
I`m looking forward to the snow and Christmas season too. One year I convince Conrad to let me set up our tree on Remembrance Day! I Love it when my house looks all pretty!

Kellan said...

Okay - me too!

I loved the picture of the snow, as we live in Texas and most likely not see any of that here. Enjoy! It is fascinating. See ya.

Gloria said...

OK, I am with you (Begrudgingly). But I am NOT donning the socks. We have to start over again with the decorations. New house, gonna need to figure it all out again.

Amanda said...

I woke up to snow yesterday morning and it's still there this morning. I could do with out the snow....But I am excited about Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday and this is going to be Courtney's first Christmas so it's going to be that much more special. Love the socks I think you need a few more pairs and the girls will need some.

Sharon said...

Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow--down here in the south that is!
Girl pass some our way!
We thought it was crazy during Katrina--give us an inch of snow and the whole area would close down in panic. People don't know how to drive and everyone would be in the ditches.
We'd be meeting our neighbors in ways that would have the insurance companies howling.

pam d said...

Hey Andrea,
If you'll permit me a brief "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" moment - perhaps you're realizing as you get older that truly celebrating Christmas is about more than all the "stuff", all the commercialism, etc. Last year, one thing that helped me to truly appreciate the season was that I made Christmas gifts for everyone in my family. Some weren't very big, and some went along with store bought gifts, but I think for the first time I was actually more excited to give than to receive.