Friday, November 2, 2007

spreading the word

I strongly urge you all to read this post by ValleyGirl about the movie "The Golden Compass" that is coming to theatres early December. I won't say much else on it, 'cause her post SAYS IT ALL.

P-L-E-A-S-E take the time to read it, especially if you have children who have expressed interest in this movie. And if you disagree as much with the message in the movie as I do -- spread the word!

Here are a few snippets from ValleyGirl's post to show you the severity of the issue at hand:

This review by (a dependable, objective resource for coverage of movies and videos with 5.4 million users per month) while mocking the expected uproar from religious groups, indicates "Pullman's books also include a fair amount of what has been perceived to be anti-Catholic rhetoric; in the first book, for instance, the church is in the business of kidnapping children and conducting some rather unpleasant experiments on them." It quotes another movie reviewer as saying, "Clergymen who kidnap children. Witches who aren't wicked. Even a pair of sexually ambiguous angels. If you thought Harry Potter was blasphemous, wait till you get a look at [this] trilogy."

And this one...

Here's an examination from, a site that looks into popular email rumours in an effort to verify their authenticity. Their research points out that the author openly stated, "My books are about killing God" in a 2003 interview regarding his intentions. Doesn't really get much clearer than that, now does it?

I encourage you to go visit her site (click on the button or the link above to get there) and read it in its entirety.


Melanie said...

This is one movie my family will not be seeing.

Pam said...

Yeah, this is one we will not be seeing...I can't believe how it is being marketed to "get kids into it" and then want the books - which are so much worse. Where is the good wholesome family entertainment?

Sharon said...

I did a post about this too--we will not be seeing it. I also saw the author interview on the Morning Show--it was another confirmation. This guys brain is whacked.